EE IMEI Unlock: The Solution You’re Looking For

EE is a leading cellphone network provider in the UK with excellent plans, coverage, and incentives for their users, but what happens when EE blacklists a phone and they cannot help you unlock it? The EE IMEI Unlock from ESNDoctor is the solution!

Let’s talk about all the basics about having an Android or iPhone from EE locked because of a blacklist report and why is ESNDoctor’s EE IMEI unlock process the best alternative you have to get your phone unlocked.

The Best Network Provider in the UK

What is EE?
What is EE?

EE is a UK network provider, it is considered the best carrier because its network reaches 99% of the people and has co in 85% of the country (they even have won an award for the best overall network in the UK). EE offers such great coverage, the fastest 4G speeds, and counts with two major MVNOs (BT Mobile and Plusnet Mobile).

Is EE able to Lock all Phones?

No, EE (as any other carrier) is only able to lock the devices that they sold or that were registered with them, that’s why when you are going to request your carrier to unlock your device you need to go to the phone’s original carrier (EE can only unlock EE phones).

EE IMEI Unlock: Is It Possible?

Yes! It is possible but not easy, EE has certain conditions and requirements for your unlocking request to be authorized, EE IMEI unlocks requirements include that you must be the original owner of the phone you want to unlock and you must present some paperwork (your ID, proof of purchase of the device, certificate of good standing with them if you have it, etc.). Rember that unlocking a phone with EE directly will take you a week or more depending on your specific case.

Why An IMEI Can Be Reported?

All you should know about the IMEI
All you should know about the IMEI

The 15-digit code called IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number works as an identifying number for cellular devices, every phone has its own unique IMEI number regardless of its brand (Oppo, Google Pixel, Apple, OnePlus, Samsung, etc.).

This code is so important because it is precisely this identification number the one that network providers register when they make a blacklist report; with that code, carriers can identify which device is the one they have to lock and under what name it should be blocked, all this to notify the other mobile services providers that the access to any network is forbidden for that specific device.

How do I Find my IMEI Number?

To find your IMEI number you just have to dial *# 06 # from the dialing pad on the device, you’ll see the IMEI on its screen along with some bar codes and other numbers. If this doesn’t work, remember that you can always check the phone’s original box or SIM card tray as its IMEI number is usually printed there.

How do I Check my IMEI Status?

To see which is the blacklist status of your phone just search on Google “IMEI checker” and select the website of your preference. IMEI checkers are online platforms that can give you a full report of your IMEI status in a couple of seconds and without a charge, just keep in mind that you’ll need your device’s IMEI because that is the code you’re trying to look up.

Why do Carriers Lock iPhones?

Reasons to report an IMEI
Reasons to report an IMEI

Carriers like EE lock mobile phones when the device is reported as lost or stolen, its owner breaches the contract they have with the carrier, the phone is used for illegal purposes, or there is some kind of fraudulent transaction associated with its purchase, among others.

However, this doesn’t mean that the person looking for a blacklist unlock service was necessarily involved in any of those scenarios, most users that take advantage of ESNDoctor’s EE IMEI Unlock are just people in one of the following situations.

Fraud Investigation

It happens to some people that their financial institution (or their carrier itself) starts a fraud investigation when they think there has been suspicious activity, even if there is nothing wrong with the transaction, it will take months for the bank to finish the investigation, and people usually can’t afford to have their new phone locked for so long so they look for unlocking alternatives while the misunderstanding is cleared.

Second-Hand Device

This is the main reason why people use our IMEI unlocking service, a lot of people that happened to buy refurbished or used devices end up purchasing a phone that is locked and that cannot be unlocked because, after all, they are not the phone’s original owner. This happens a lot because some people usually sell their used device and then go to report it as stolen so that they can get some kind of money from the warranty. That’s why it is so important to check the unlock status or blacklist status of the phone before you purchase it and to make sure you are getting the phone from a reliable seller!

Mistakenly IMEI Locked

As we mentioned before, when EE or another network provider blacklists your phone, the IMEI number of the device has to be included in the report. However, all reports are made by human beings (EE network representatives) that can make mistakes and that can enter the wrong number and unlock the incorrect device. 

EE Unlock Fees

EE IMEI Unlock: How to do it?
EE IMEI Unlock: How to do it?

Our EE IMEI Unlocking service doesn’t have any cost, our software is free to use and available 24/7 worldwide, this is because ESNDoctor uses an automatic program that doesn’t require anybody to actually unlock your phone (the website does all the work). 

But the fact that it doesn’t have any charge to unlock your phone from EE blacklist reports is not the only benefit that you get when you use our services, check here the main advantages that ESNDoctor has to offer.

ESNDoctor’s EE IMEI Unlock: The Ultimate Solution

Thanks to our development team it is so easy to unlock your phone! The steps are pretty clear, the software does pretty much everything, and you are just asked to enter some basic information — like your name, email address, the correct IMEI number of the phone, and the brand/model — for the system to complete the unlock (you don’t need any previous experience to use our program).

ESNDoctor’s EE IMEI Unlocks are Permanent

It happens to some people that they unlock their phone but after a couple of weeks the lock comes back even though it was unlocked already, this is because they bypassed the blacklist lock instead of eliminating the report itself. The great news is that when a phone is automatically unlocked with ESNDoctor, the lock doesn’t come back because the unlock is effective, complete, and permanent!

EE IMEI Unlock Process won’t Take More than 10 Minutes!

At ESNDoctor we understand you need your phone to start working normally as soon as possible, that’s why our unlocks take only a couple of minutes of your time to complete the process. This is possible because as we were mentioning before, all phones are unlocked automatically because of our automated system, so there are no wait times!

Is ESNDoctor’s EE IMEI Unlock Compatible with iPhone/Android?

ESNDoctor'ss EE IMEI Unlock benefits
ESNDoctor’ss EE IMEI Unlock benefits

This is another of the great advantages that ESNDoctor’s service has, and it is that regardless of the brand, model, or operating system of your phone, with us it is possible to unlock it. This is because all blacklist locks are activated because of the report that carriers to the blacklist database, and what our process does is to eliminate the report itself as it has a record of your phone’s IMEI number that is locking the device, so as we remove it, it is possible to unlock any kind of cellular device.

Can ESNDoctor remove locks from all carriers?

As EE and all other carriers make their corresponding IMEI reports to the same blacklist database, also, keep in mind that even though carriers are the ones that activate the IMEI lock on your phone, manufacturers are the ones that enable this feature on all the mobile devices they sell, and as we can unlock any phone regardless of the brand or model, there is no any problem with this! Rest assured that both the lock and the report can be removed by ESNDoctor.

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