Remove iPhone 15 Blacklist

Unblacklist your iPhone 15

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Permanent and Safe Unlocks

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If your iPhone is currently locked and has blacklist restrictions that you don’t know how to clean without installing third-party programs or paying someone else to do it, then don’t worry, ESNDoctor is here to assist you in any way possible. Here we will explain how a blacklist report works and how you can IMEI unlock iPhone the same day you know the phone is blacklisted. 

Use the IMEI number to permanently unlock your iPhone 15 or any other iPhone from the comfort of your home. Our service guarantees that it will provide all the answers that you need without messing with anything important inside the phone.

What is an IMEI Unlock iPhone Service?

Unlock services for iPhones are software that were created to assist with the different types of locks that they can have, such as iCloud activation lock, passcode lock, carrier lock, or the one on which we are focusing today the most, blacklist lock. Depending on the issue that you are having, you are going to need one of those services, but in terms of the blacklist report, the best way to unlock an iPhone 15 will be with ESNDoctor.

There are many online solutions for this type of lock, but we cannot be sure if they work as they are supposed to. Another thing is the fact that most of those iPhone solutions always charge to clean the blacklist report; sometimes, it is not much and is a one-time payment, while other times, it can be a monthly payment to have a program installed on the PC

What is a Blacklisted iPhone with IMEI Number?

A blacklisted iPhone is a device that has been reported for unpaid bills, fraud, loss, or theft. The IMEI, in that case, will be placed in this international database and registered there, so none of the network functions of the device will work. That also includes the network carrier, the calls, messages, and some critical updates. 

You can still use your iPhone and the apps inside of it, but the mobile plan you have with the carrier will be disabled, and the only calls you can make are emergency calls. This lock can be permanent unless you get the IMEI number and clean the report immediately.

Do I need an Unlock Code to Free an iPhone 15 from the Blacklist?

No, cleaning an iPhone of any kind (iPhone X, iPhone 11, or even the iPhone 15) doesn’t require an unlock code to be removed from the reporting database. Most platforms, including ESNDoctor, will provide you with an authentication key to register; however, this will not unlock the device as this process is usually done internally. 

Even programs where you have to connect your iPhone to the computer will not provide any code to lift the restrictions or lock on your iPhone. The unlock code is commonly used to be able to unlock a SIM restriction or do a factory unlock, but as we previously said, this process has to be done after the blacklist report is deleted, not after, to ensure the device doesn’t have issues with the new SIM.  

You can also Contact the Carrier if you need to Unlock your iPhone

You can check with your carrier to see if you can unlock your iPhone using your IMEI number. The process should be simple if you have proof of purchase and your account is up-to-date. However, remember that if you want to unlock the device with them, it will take several days until they fully unlock your phone. 

We are also not sure if they are going to charge you for this, so before you tell your carrier your iPhone is locked, ask if they have any payment to remove an IMEI from the blacklist. That way, you can be informed of both the requirement to ensure the iPhone is unlocked and the price. 

Can a SIM Card get Blacklisted as well? 

No, only the IMEI number of your iPhone can be blacklisted. Still, when it gets reported, it doesn’t matter what type of SIM card it has or what the original carrier for the iPhone SIM is; everything related to the cellular network will be locked. This can sometimes be confused with a SIM lock, but the methods to unlock both are very different. 

Also, keep in mind that if you are planning on changing mobile carriers but are still blacklisted, the SIM unlock process will not work, as the phone will still be disabled until you clean the report. So, after you clean the report with the help of a tool like ESNDoctor, you can remove the carrier lock.

Does it take too Much Time to Clean a Locked iPhone?

Don’t worry if you don’t have much time or patience to look for efficient, online, and affordable iPhone unlocking services, then we recommend giving ESNDoctor a try and unlocking your iPhone for free with the IMEI number. All of these can be done in just a few minutes; that way, the next time this happens, you will know where to go and what to do almost immediately!

Find your IMEI Number and check if your iPhone is Blacklisted

The best way to find the IMEI number of an Apple device is to log into iCloud or iTunes and look for it at the top of the screen. If you don’t have access to them, then dial *#06# and wait for the pop-up to show up with this info. Once you have that, go to pages like or and enter the IMEI of the locked iPhone to see why it got reported in the first place. 

Remember, you can also use these services when the process is done, and the phone’s IMEI is fully clean, just to ensure you were able to remove the restrictions with the tool of your choice. If you choose ESNDoctor, then after the process is finished, wait a couple of minutes before looking for the status with the IMEI checkers so all the changes can be saved correctly. 

Unlock any iPhone Model via IMEI Code

As we previously stated, we can unlock your iPhone free of charge regarding its model number. So even if you have an old model like an iPhone 6, an iPhone 7, or a more recent one like the iPhone 13, you can still delete any type of blacklist report with our internal servers just by using the iPhone IMEI. 

Can I IMEI Unlock a Blacklisted iPhone 15 Myself?

Depending on the program you will use to unlock it, it can be easier or more complicated, or you can do it yourself. Even with the carrier provider, they will do all the work, but because of that, it can take quite a while to fully unlock an iPhone 14 Pro Max, for example. If that is the case, then we have the perfect solution called ESNDoctor, since you can clean any IMEI yourself on our online platform.

Use the Best iPhone Unlock Service Available Right Now!

To finally unlock your iPhone and use your network without many restrictions and issues, go to our main page and follow the instructions. We will ask for some information to start the process right there, like your name, email, model, or manufacturer (this service also works with Android devices) and IMEI number. 

Leave the iPhone without the SIM for a few minutes and validate your identity with the access key we will send you via email. After that, follow the step-by-step instructions on the page and restart the device for at least two minutes. Then, please wait for the page to show the message that the phone’s IMEI is clean and turn it back on. 

Can Apple Unlock my iPhone with the IMEI Number?

No, they cannot unlock phones; they can assist you with the iCloud lock and support older models like the iPhone 4 or iPhone 6S. But the blacklist report can only be handled either by the carrier or third-party software using the IMEI number.

What other Conditions do I have to Meet to Unlock iPhone with IMEI Number?

There’s no need to do anything else, as described above; our service will take care of everything from there, and the phone should be fully working by the end of the day. If you choose other programs or the carrier unlock service, remember that the conditions can be different, and they can ask for more or less info depending on your model or the reason behind the report.