Remove iPhone Blacklist

Unblacklist your iPhone

If you are struggling with a carrier blacklist or bad ESN on your iPhone, you are not alone. These problems can be frustrating and seem impossible to solve, but we are here to help. Our remove carrier blacklist & bad ESN from any iPhone service can quickly and easily get your device working again.

Permanent and Safe Unlocks

ESNDoctor Permanently Removes Carrier Blacklist & Bad ESN from any iPhone. This Unlock Removes IMEI Blacklist as well. Your iPhone will function like normal after unlock, allowing you to make calls, use Data and Update your Device

Having a good understanding about what it really means having a blacklisted iPhone, you will need to know a few key factors and understand some basic concepts. This information will allow you to take the best approach to unlock blacklisted iPhone without much hassle.

What is a blacklisted iPhone?

A blacklisted iPhone is basically any iOS device that has been disabled from using any network. Meaning you won’t be able to place calls, send messages or browse the internet using mobile data. Although, this issue is not as severe as the iCloud activation lock, it is still a hard thing to deal with.

how does the system work?

The blacklist was a measure introduced at the beginning of the century in a way to prevent unwanted use of reported devices. This list is able to cooperate due to two main factors:

  • Sharing of one common data base by many carriers

  • The IMEI number

The most powerful being the IMEI number, this number is unique to every device. All manufacturers by law must register a single IMEI and carriers must register them once the phone it’s used for the first time.

Does the blacklist works the same for iOS?

Yes, this common blacklist database, it’s not necessarily linked to a brand but rather the network. As we briefly talked before, a blacklisted device won’t get any access to any network regardless of the situation. In a few words, a blacklisted iPhone will have the same disadvantages as a blacklisted Android.

Despite big efforts by many carriers around the world, this system is not implemented by every carrier around the world. Mainly because in some areas they use CDMA and some others GSM. Also carriers and jurisdictions are not obligated to implement this feature.

Why is my iPhone blacklisted?

There are many reasons why your iPhone might be blacklisted, no system is perfect and sometimes there are mistakes that can block your iPhone. However, these are the many reasons why carriers locked devices:

  • Unpaid bills

  • Reported Lost or stolen

  • Abusive usage

  • Blocked by the previous owner

  • Being blocked by mistake

These are not all the reasons, we are sure there many more, but we just listed the main ones we are aware of.

Is it worth unlocking a blacklisted iPhone?

Indeed, having a blacklisted iPhone is quite useless for a lot of people, especially if you want to use the full potential as any other iPhone users. From our own perspective, we feel unlocking your device it worth it and will bring a lot of benefits in the short and long term.

What you need to know about your blacklisted phone

Before you unlock your device, you need to device which approach to take. At the moment there are two main options, either an unlock by your carrier or using any blacklist removal services. Please take the time to understand both blacklist removal process as this will give you a better understanding you will have an easier time.

Unlocking via Carrier

This is by far the best way to unlock your iPhone has the blacklist status. However, we would like to point out that this is not the easiest method and might require time and gather information. Please do not do this process Online or on the phone but rather go to a physical location.


To be eligible for unlocking, you will need to to provide the following information. It is worth saying that only the original owner will be able to unlock the locked iPhone:

  • Clean account the carrier

  • No outstanding payments

  • Digital or Paper receipt (Used a proof of ownership)

  • Valid ID

This requirements are the most general ones asked by carrier such as Verizon, T-mobile, Att and other carriers. You might be asked to submit extra information to continue the process and this is subjected to each carrier policy.


By no means this is an easy way to unlock blacklisted iPhones, but it is the best one as the carrier itself will be unlocking your device. If you don’t have the time or patience to deal this this process, we do not advice you to take this path as you might have to submit different paperwork at physical location.

Waiting time

Once your application is processed, the waiting time can vary between 1-3 business days. Take into account many factors such as the amount of applications being submitted as well as internal processes.

Online unlock service

Unlocking a blacklisted iPhone doesn’t have to be a hard and stressful process. with the Online tool provided by ESNDoctor, you will be able to clean your blacklisted IMEI in a matter of minutes. We invite you to read the process for you to have a better understanding before you do it.

Submit your application

To start the unlocking, you will be asked to submit some really basic information. Make sure that all information is correct before sending it as this will avoid any type of delays:

  • Name

  • Email (Make sure you have access to it)

  • Device Model

  • IMEI Number

Activate your order

As a way to prevent unwanted or commercial use of the platform, an activation process has been implemented. This will home users to have an easy experience and a lower waiting time. Once you submit your application, you will have a video tutorial explaining how to activate your order. Don’t worry, the process it’s really simple and shouldn’t take longer than 5-10 minutes.

Once you have verified your account, you will receive an activation code that will allow you to use the platform as many times as you want. Simply submit this information in the order’s page and your unlocking will begin instantly.

Enjoy an unlocked iPhone

If you did all the steps correctly, the turnout time for the unlocking of your blacklisted iPhone will take around 2-48 hours. It will highly depend if the server is overloaded and if you submitted all the information correctly.

If everything goes right, you will have a device free of the blacklist. Please check this information by checking any of the hundreds of tools online that will verify this information. As a secondary test, you can enter the sim card of your original carrier and check if you have signal.


Obtaining your IMEI number is a very simple process, there are many options you can take to obtain and we will quickly cover them so you can choose the one that works better for you:

  • Dial on your iPhone the following USSD code: *#06# (This will display the IMEI and Serial number)

  • Check on the back of your device (Only available for old generation iPhones)

  • Eject the Sim Card Tray and search for it (Keep in mind the numbers shown are really small)

  • Find it on the original box (By law it must be displayed there)

  • You can also find it under settings -> General -> About

We fully recommend you to use the first method as this is universal and will work for any device, either iOS or Android phones.

Yes, unlocking your device using the Online method by ESNDoctor is safe and it won't affect your device in any way. This process will not change any part of the hardware or software which is a good relief for most users. On the other hand, this method works on the cloud and will only generate the unlocking application directly to the entity responsible for it.

Unlocking blacklisted iPhone using this iPhone is by far one of the easiest ways. Thanks to the easy to use platform, you won't struggle in any step of the process. Furthermore, there is a ton of information and videos that you can read or watch to fully comprehend how to do the process.

Not really, if your device is Sim lock, then you might need to use a whole different method. Having a blacklisted iPhone will just block your device from any network. This issue is often confused that's why we ask users to check if they are actually facing the blacklist before using this method.