Discover how to AT&T IMEI Unlock your Phone 100% Online!

Discover how to AT&T IMEI Unlock your Phone 100% Online!

In ESNDoctor, we want you to take advantage of all the features and functions your AT&T phone can bring you when it is at its full potential. That’s why today we have created this fantastic guide to teach you what a blacklist report is for this type of phone and how you can AT&T IMEI unlock it without so many issues with our online service. Learn with us more about this lock and how to get rid of it now!

What can you do with a Blacklisted iOS or Android?

What can you do with a Blacklisted iOS or Android?
What can you do with a Blacklisted iPhone or Android Device?

When a phone is reported by AT&T or blacklisted, all the primary mobile network and signal options will be locked until further notice or you attempt to unlock the phone’s IMEI. That means that you can still use it normally and use the apps and settings, but anything related to the mobile network of the device will be locked indefinitely. 

If you are a user who doesn’t use the AT&T device outside your home, then you won’t have issues because you can always use your Wi-Fi. However, if you need to make calls, send messages, or use mobile data, then this is going to affect you a lot and cut your communication short. This, of course, unless you try to bypass it with calls and messages apps or know how the device can be unlocked (like with ESNDoctor, for example).

What is the IMEI Blacklist Reporting Database?

The reporting database is a list where all the devices that have been lost, stolen, involved in fraud, or not paid off early are registered and locked. In order to complete the unlocking process and get all the functions back, it is necessary to have the IMEI, as that is the number they use to create and complete the report. So, your phone can be locked to any GSM network, including the ATT network. 

Where can I see if my IMEI is Blacklisted?

For that, you can call AT&T and ask for everything or use online tools such as or to see what type of report you have. If not, it is also possible to contact AT&T directly for them to share with you your phone’s status, but they’ll only do so if you’re the device’s original owner. In addition, it is also possible to use the CTIA’s Stolen Phone Checker website, which they have available 24/7 for people to use at no cost.

How can you Submit a Request to AT&T to Clean the IMEI?

How can you Submit a Request to AT&T to Clean the IMEI?
How can you Submit a Request to AT&T to Clean the IMEI on the Blacklist?

If you want to unlock your AT&T, your device must meet the eligibility requirements. This includes being up-to-date with payments (No past-due account balance), having the mobile phone’s IMEI code, and having your account number. You must also not have a lost or stolen report and have an active line for at least 60 days. 

If the device is eligible for unlocking, after contacting customer support, they will enter your IMEI in the database, look for it, and delete it completely to lift the network restrictions. After all, they will use their own tools and programs to delete the report. 

Does it take long to Unlock my Phone with AT&T?

Usually, it can take three to five business days since you must contact AT&T, provide all the requirements first, and then see if the phone can be unlocked. Unfortunately, at the moment, there’s no remote unlock AT&T service, so you will have to call them and fix this issue with them over the phone or go directly to one of the stores

How Easy is the Unlock an AT&T Phone with ESNDoctor?

How Easy is the Unlock an ATT Phone with ESNDoctor?
How Easy is the Unlock Process for an ATT Phone with ESNDoctor?

If you are currently looking for a permanent AT&T iPhone unlock service or Android cleaning service for reporting issues, then you have come to the right place, as here on ESNDoctor, we will unlock a phone in minutes. To start with the device unlock request, go to our main page and click “Unlock your Phone.” After that, follow the instructions on the screen and complete the data we are going to ask you for, such as:

  • Full name
  • Email address to send you the authentication key (remember this is not an unlock code).
  • The phone’s manufacturer (iPhone, Samsung, etc.)
  • The phone number. 

Remove the AT&T SIM card and complete the step-by-step instructions we will show you on screen. Once you are finished with our unlock app, restart the phone, check your mobile network connection with a new SIM card or the same one, and check your calls and messages right away. If everything is working, then you are ready to go and use your phone normally again. 

Can all AT&T Phones be Removed from the Blacklist?

Yes! The same process can be applied to other carriers like T-Mobile or Verizon, as we can clean any report, brand, and carrier in no time. It doesn’t matter if your device is prepaid or postpaid, if you have an iOS device or an Android device, we can still unlock the device with the data asked above and provide you with a permanent solution without having to leave your home. 

Use the #1 Blacklist AT&T IMEI Unlock Service Today!

Use the #1 Blacklist AT&T IMEI Unlock Service Today!
Use the #1 Blacklist AT&T IMEI Unlock Service Today!

If you don’t want to submit your unlock request with AT&T directly or are still unsure of how to do it because you don’t fulfill all the criteria to clean the IMEI, then remember that you have the best tool in terms of blacklist cleaning services. Don’t worry; we will take care of everything. If you feel lost during the cleaning process, remember that we have specialized support ready to assist you!

Is it possible to Unlock a Second-Hand AT&T Phone?

It depends on what type of service you are going to use. For example, to unlock your AT&T phone with them, you must validate your identity and provide the account number. On the other hand, if you are going to use our services, it is not mandatory to own the phone, as you can do it as a favor for a friend or family member. We will still ask for authorization, but nothing else regarding your identity or device ownership. 

Is it possible to Unlock an AT&T Device for Free?

For AT&T, there shouldn’t be any charges unless the device has not been paid in full or there’s a remaining balance, but other than that, the blacklist removal service should be completely free. For the ESNDoctor unlock service, you don’t need to worry either, as we won’t ask for any payment; our services are free and can be used as many times as you want without extra charges. 

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