What is the Best Rogers IMEI Unlock Service? ESNDoctor!

What is the Best Rogers IMEI Unlock Service? ESNDoctor!

Rogers is one of the leading wireless network providers in Canada with excellent plans and coverage, but what happens if you lose all of that because of a blacklist report? Then, ESNDoctor‘s Rogers IMEI unlock service is the solution! Unlock your device and discover with us what a blacklist report is and how to be prepared if it happens to you or a loved one with this specialized guide. 

What is a Report, and how can it impact your Rogers Phone?

What is a Blacklist Report, and how can it Affect your Phone from Rogers?

A blacklist report is a registration that is done to prevent unauthorized people from using a phone that doesn’t belong to them. This registration is made with the unique IMEI number since it has all the data necessary to identify a phone and which carrier it should be using (in this case, the Rogers network). So it can lock this function along with the calls and some critical updates. 

After this report is done, Rogers can instantly notify other carriers worldwide that the phone is locked. That way, even if the user changes the Rogers SIM card and tries to use it on any network outside the country, the restrictions will still be on. Also, the phone will be unusable indefinitely or until someone wishes to unlock it with Rogers or third-party tools. 

How does the Rogers Wireless Network Work?

Rogers Wireless is a cellular company that offers 5G and 5G+ coverage throughout Canada and operates with several frequencies and networks, such as GSM, LTE, AMPS, and UMTS. These frequencies and coverages are the ones that get locked to Rogers or any other carrier the moment a phone is blacklisted through the IMEI or ESN number, blocking all the primary functions and leaving the phone without a signal. 

Will this Unlock Process also Impact my Net or SIM Card?

Will this Unlock Process also Impact my Net or SIM Card?
Will this Unlock Process also Impact my Network Carrier or my SIM Card?

No, the unlock process will not affect anything related to your SIM card or its network connection, just the smartphone in question. However, keep in mind that if you are planning to change carriers or use a SIM card from another provider, this lock will impact your portability because the device won’t support any SIM card at all. This is since one of the primary requirements to unlock your Rogers network and get the unlock code is not having an active report on the blacklist. 

The moment you complete the remote unlocking service with us or contact Rogers to do it, you can start the process of unlocking your Rogers phone from that specific network and using any SIM card of your choice. If you still want to keep your Rogers service active, just test the connection or your local SIM card, and it should be good to go in terms of connections and restrictions. 

What is an Unlock Service for Reported Phones?

An online cleaning service is a tool designed to remove and process your device by remotely identifying its IMEI number inside the reporting database. These tools are often used as an alternative when Rogers or other carriers cannot eliminate the report because of the reason or because the user didn’t comply with the necessary requirements to unlock the phone.

Unlock your Rogers Phone Device with this Step-by-Step!

Unlock your Rogers Phone Device with this Step-by-Step!
Unlock your Rogers Phone Device with this Step-by-Step!

To finally clean your device, go to ESNDoctor.com. After you fill out the form with your data (name, email, manufacturer) and the IMEI of the locked device, please check your email. You will get an authentication key and some instructions to register on our site. When that part is over, the server will confirm your application and look for the IMEI of the Rogers phone. 

Wait a few minutes and remove the SIM card so the server can automatically process and clean your device. Insert the SIM back when you see the message on the screen, and wait for the confirmation number and email. When you get that, restart your device and wait some minutes to check your mobile network and make calls. Once you finish, you can close everything and enjoy your device again. 

What do I need to start the Unlock?

It is not mandatory to know all the functions and characteristics of your device to unlock it with us; all you need is your email, the maker (Samsung, Motorola, iPhone), and the IMEI number to start the cleaning process. In ESNDoctor, we will help you complete the most essential steps and validate your identity so you can use the servers right away and complete your request. 

Where can I find my IMEI Code to Unblacklist my Phone?

If you need help finding this code to clean it, dial *#06# and wait for the message with this information to appear on your screen. This method will work with iOS and Android. The IMEI is a 15-digit code that can also be found in the settings or the original box. After you get it, you can call Rogers for an unlocked phone or use ESNDoctor to make it easier.

Is it Legal to use an Online Rogers IMEI Unlock Service?

Is it Legal to use an Online Rogers IMEI Unlock Service?
Is it Legal to use an Online Rogers IMEI Unlock Service?

Yes, there’s no need to worry, as it is legal to unlock a blacklisted Rogers phone online, especially if you are going to use the safest method to unlock it, which is ESNDoctor. You don’t need to get permission from them as a Rogers customer, and you can use it as many times as you want worldwide, thanks to our partnership with the GSMA’s IMEI Database. Get a secure internet connection and use the best Rogers Unlock service this year. 

Does Rogers have a Cleaning Tool to Unlock Phones?

As of today, the only way to unlock a phone or Rogers device from this database is by calling them directly and asking for an unlock request with the help of the IMEI or by going directly to the store with the phone and the purchase receipt. So, if you are looking for a remote solution that you can use from the comfort of your own home, then ESNDoctor can help you with that in no time. 

Unlock your Phone Permanently Today for a Great Price — Free!

If you are looking for cheap unlocks for the Rogers network worldwide, don’t look anywhere else, as ESNDoctor can do all that extensive processing for free! Don’t worry about hidden charges or extra fees, as we will clean any device without any cost.  

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