Learn Today How to Remove Blacklisted IMEI for Free!

Learn Today How to Remove Blacklisted IMEI for Free!

Remove the blacklist report from your device without having to leave your home or call your current carrier! ESNDoctor is here today to explain in this guide how to remove blacklisted IMEI, why it is better to do it online, and what the disadvantages of having reported devices are. So, let’s see what options we have available for you and learn more about this world so you can later recommend our services.

Why is it Necessary to Unlock a Blacklisted IMEI?

Why is it Necessary to Unlock a Blacklisted IMEI?
Why is it Necessary to Unlock a Blacklisted IMEI Number?

Smartphones make everyone’s life easier for communication and entertainment, but what happens when the mobile network or the calls don’t work because of a report? Then the apps and characteristics of it won’t work either unless you get connected to a hotspot or through Wi-Fi. This can affect you a lot if you are always outside your regular network, and it will limit your communication a lot unless you do something to bypass it.

This can also affect you if you are trying to use another carrier network or trying to clean a network lock placed by them, as it will be impossible to make calls or send messages. Even if you have an active mobile plan, it will be locked as well because of the blacklist status, so the phone will only be available for emergency calls and nothing else.

Are IMEI Blacklist Removal Services Reliable?

Keep in mind that we don’t know if all the online tools are as trustworthy as ours, but you can still look for reviews or check how easy it is to use the interface. In the case of ESNDoctor, our service is 100% trustworthy since we have a special partnership with the GSMA database, which allows us to access the blacklist database and clean the device’s IMEI from it for free.

Also, we have internal servers that encrypt your information, so it can’t be shared with anyone, and we will delete everything once the process is done to keep you safe. The only thing that will remain will be the access key, so you can unlock the device again if you need it.

If the Phone is Blacklisted, can I still use it Abroad?

If a phone gets blacklisted because it was reported lost or stolen and you are not in the country, then the restrictions and network lock will still apply. That means that you cannot use a device that is blacklisted abroad, not even with roaming services, as the phone cannot connect to any other network (not even the original carrier one), so in short, you won’t be able to use your phone normally unless you clean it first.

How to Remove Blacklisted IMEI with Our Online Tool

How to Remove Blacklisted IMEI with Our Online Tool
How to Remove Blacklisted IMEI with the ESNDoctor Online Tool

To remove your phone from the blacklist without having to be the original owner of the phone or without caring about the report that was placed on the phone’s IMEI number, go to ESNDoctor.com. Now, please follow these instructions to start the unlock process with the best bad IMEI cleaning service on the market:

  • Click on the blue button that says “Unlock your Device”.
  • Fill in the spaces with your full name, email address, model (iPhone, Samsung, Motorola, etc.), and IMEI or ESN of the equipment.
  • Wait until you get the verification code on your email and validate your identity.
  • Register the code and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Restart your phone and then check the status online; for that, use an IMEI blacklist checker.

Once the mobile phone is removed from the blacklist, test the calls and connection, and if something else happens or you don’t get the access key, please let us know in the comment section below or contact us. Remember that it is not necessary to factory default the device and ensure that the information and the IMEI are correct so you don’t have to repeat the process all over again.

What else do I need to Unlock my Blacklisted iPhone/Android with ESNDoctor?

In order to remove the device from the blacklist, we don’t need anything else, as you can see above. For us, it doesn’t matter if it is a second-hand phone or if the phone was reported lost by someone else and you just found it or purchased it online. We will still get it off the reporting database for you and offer you a good service.

Unlock Blacklisted Phones from any Carrier!

Unlock Blacklisted Phones from any Carrier
Unlock Blacklisted Phones from any Carrier

If your phone got blacklisted by the carrier, but you don’t have the time to wait until you finish the process with them or comply with all the requirements, then your best option will be to use ESNDoctor and clean the IMEI the same day. Furthermore, remember that blacklisted IMEI numbers are shared between them, so even if you manage to change your current carrier, the lock will still apply.

In other words, it doesn’t matter what carrier you have, the unlocking and cleaning process to remove the phone from this list will take some time. The requirements can also be the same, so it is better in these cases to remove your IMEI from the blacklist using an online cleaning tool.

Find your IMEI to Unlock a Blacklisted Phone

Find your IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity) on the original box or on the papers that came with it. If you bought a phone without proof of purchase or without the box, dial *#06# (this code works for both Android phones and iPhones). If not, go to the mobile phone’s settings, you will see the IMEI number below the serial number.

Instead of Changing the IMEI, Clean it Online Now!

Instead of Changing the IMEI, Clean it Online Now!
Instead of Changing the IMEI, Clean it Online Now!

Each IMEI number is unique, as it’s the identification number of your phone; so, changing this number is harmful and can get you into some legal trouble, depending on the area or country you are in. Plus, we cannot guarantee that this type of method can really remove the blacklist status of your phone, and if you have two IMEI numbers, even if you change one, the other one will still be reported.

Suppose you change the IMEI number without the proper tools in order to remove the IMEI from the reporting database. In that case, you will also void the warranty of the device. This means that the manufacturer will not make any repair or replacement if it is found that the IMEI was changed, and the carrier won’t be able to unlock it either, as it won’t show on their systems.

What if the Phone has a Bad ESN instead of a Bad IMEI?

Our method can also work with ESN numbers, so we can still unlock their devices without issues. The process to get it off the blacklist is the same, and you don’t need to provide more information to unlock your phone. Any device that uses an IMEI or ESN number can be cleaned with ESNDoctor, so don’t hesitate anymore and bring your device here!

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