Give it a Shot to the Best Verizon IMEI Unlock Service Now! 

Try the Best Verizon IMEI Unlock Service Now! 

Unlocking a Verizon phone with a blacklisted IMEI can open up a world of possibilities since you will not only have all your network functions back but will also learn more about this type of lock and how to deal with it. With that in mind, ESNDoctor will share with you all there is to know in terms of Verizon IMEI unlock, how the blacklist works, and what benefits it brings using our online service!

Why is my Verizon Phone Blacklisted? Why can’t I use it?

Why is my Verizon Phone Blacklisted? Why can't I use it?
Why is a Verizon Phone Blacklisted, and Why can’t you use your Phone?

Verizon calls, messages, and signals can be restricted if a person fails to comply with the company’s terms and policies or if the device has been lost or stolen, which is the most common reason why phones get reported. When that report is sent directly to the network provider, they will automatically lock all the cellular network functions to make them unavailable to whoever uses them. 

This lock can be very common on second-hand devices, and most of the time, the users who buy this equipment won’t know about the lock or how to unlock a phone. So they will either buy a new one or pay for expensive services to clean the report. Luckily, services such as ESNDoctor are free to use and can clean and unlock any Verizon phone immediately.

Can I Unlock my Phone with Verizon?

Users who have a blacklisted device and can’t use the Verizon wireless network can also attempt to contact Verizon customer support and request an unlock. However, keep in mind that many requirements need to be met before it, and there can be extra charges or restrictions depending on the type of report (lost, stolen, fraud, unpaid bills). 

How Easy is it to Create a Verizon IMEI Unlock Request?

How Easy is it to Create a Verizon IMEI Unlock Request?
How Easy is it to Create a Verizon IMEI Unlock Request?

That will depend on what method you prefer in terms of unlocking your phone. For example, if you want to unlock the IMEI with the carrier, call Verizon and provide all the information they will ask for. This info can include your IMEI code, Verizon account, and phone number to see what type of report you have. Once you know it, they will tell you the other requirements for completing the report and how long it will take. 

On the other hand, using ESNDoctor is pretty easy. All you need to do is go online, fill out a small form, and start the cleaning process right away. After that, our services will automatically unlock it for you in less than an hour. 

What Methods are there to unblacklist Verizon Phones?

There are the two we already mentioned that unlock the unique IMEI number: with the carrier or online services like ESNDoctor. Other methods can involve downloading software or changing this number. Still, we don’t recommend them as they can permanently damage your phone and void the warranty if it is not second-hand. So, for this, it is better to go with Verizon’s official unlock service or the ESNDoctor tool

Can a Prepaid Phone from Verizon be Unlocked?

Can a Prepaid Phone from Verizon be Unlocked?
Can a Prepaid Phone from Verizon be Unlocked?

Yes, any device, whether it is Verizon prepaid or postpaid, can be reported on the blacklist since the Verizon plan or Verizon SIM card being used has no bearing on the report. The same applies to other networks like AT&T and T-Mobile, so if you need to unlock an IMEI from the reporting database, this, along with the carrier lock, will not influence the outcome of the cleaning, whether it is done directly with them or with ESNDoctor. 

Steps to Remove a Phone from the Blacklist:

To start the calls and network unlock service, go to and fill out the form with the following data: name, email, manufacturer (Samsung, iPhone, etc.), and IMEI number. After that, get the activation code to register and follow the instructions to unlock the phone with the internal service. Once you are done with that, use your device or test the connection to ensure that the Verizon service is back on. 

Is this Activation Code the same as an NCK Code?

No, keep in mind that this software code is only used to verify your information and to register on the website and has nothing to do with the unlocking process. Also, remember that unlock codes are designed to be used only when a device is locked to Verizon or another carrier and you want to switch to another network or plan. 

Benefits of Unlocking Your Verizon IMEI with Us

Benefits of Unlocking Your Verizon IMEI with Us
Benefits of Unlocking Your Verizon IMEI and Verizon Device with Us

Besides unlocking your Verizon phone online, you can also enjoy other benefits, like being able to use our tool worldwide, unlocking any brand or OS, and unlocking phones permanently. Most importantly, you can use this free, fast tool service as many times as you want with unlimited support. We will cover you in every aspect, from security to safety and reliability, and we will accompany you every step of the way, no matter what. 

When should I use a Cleaning Service to Unlock my Phone?

You can use our service or the carrier service when you notice the cellular network is not functioning properly. Remember that you can also check the status first with them or online pages like and ensure that the equipment is really reported. Then all you have to do is select the unlock method you want to use to clean the IMEI and follow the procedure to complete it. 

Unlock your Verizon Phone with us Today!

Get back your Verizon network functions and start enjoying your plan and calls without restrictions now! Mobile phones have become an essential part of our lives, so don’t miss this opportunity to clean the blacklist report, unlock your device with our online tool, and communicate with your loved ones again. 

We understand how frustrating it is when a phone is locked, so we have created a tool that specializes in helping customers and informing them so they can have a permanent and good solution without having to do much work. With that being said, start your unlocking process below and enjoy all that your device has to offer!

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