Remove Sony Blacklist

IMEI Unlock Sony

Unlock your Sony phone effortlessly with the ESNDoctor IMEI lock removal tool. Avoid the hassle and risks of trying ineffective methods that could harm your device. We understand the frustration of wasted time, which is why we developed a quick and safe tool that allows you to unlock your phone from the comfort of your home in just a few minutes.

Remove the Blacklist on Your Sony

The ESNDoctor apps offer a permanent and safe unlocking solution, requiring no downloads throughout the process. Simply submit your request, follow the on-screen steps, and unlock your device. It’s that easy to remove your Sony from the blacklist.

Discover all the benefits that ESNDoctor has for you in terms of blacklist report cleaning services. Unlock your IMEI and get back your network and calls in no time with this simple method, which is entirely free. Don’t worry if you don’t know much about your phone or how to get the information we need to clean the IMEI, as in this article, we will explain how to get everything to IMEI unlock Sony.

We will also explain why a phone can get blacklisted and how to know if it really is, in case you are still having doubts about it. Once you know more about this topic, you can permanently unlock your Sony phone or any other phone model you choose. 

How can I Remove a Blacklist Report on my Sony Xperia Phone?

There are two ways to unlock Sony Xperia phones: one is directly with the network carrier, and the other is with third-party software, whether online or installed. It will depend on your necessities and the type of report the phone has, as many carriers will not unlock a stolen or missing phone if you are not the original owner, for example. 

Some sites can unlock Sony phones, but only temporarily. Others require a lot of information to work or require you to get a PC to unlock your Sony Xperia. In the case of ESNDoctor, none of that is necessary, everything is online and we only need your name, email, device model, and IMEI code to start cleaning the report and unlocking your device. 

How Do I Begin the Unlock Process, and What Is Sony Phone Lock?

If you want to start the process with the network provider, for example, you will need to provide proof of ownership along with your account number and data. After that, you will need the Sony phone’s IMEI number. They will place your order, and after some days they will remove the report after seeing that everything you provided is legit. 

A Sony blacklist lock is a restriction that is put on the phone IMEI so the cellular network is disabled and no calls or messages are available. The phone is entirely locked out of the network and will also restrict some other functions until the report is cleaned. 

Find your Locked Sony IMEI Number to Clean it here!

You will need to find this code to unlock your phone via IMEI. To do it, go to Settings → About Phone → IMEI. You can also look for it on the SIM card tray or in the original box. In case none of that works, then dial *# 06 # and get it from there. Don’t worry; you can use that method on any Sony, Android, or iOS device if you have more than one phone with this blacklist issue. 

Why is Necessary to use an Unlock Service to Unlock your Sony Xperia?

As we previously stated, it depends on the type of report the Sony or Sony Xperia device has. However, it can also be used in cases where the carrier is taking too much time cleaning the IMEI or the user didn’t fulfill the requirements to unlock the phone. It can also be more effective, as there are many phone online services—like ESNDoctor—that can clean any type of report the same day it is locked. 

They usually don’t require a lot of tech knowledge, and in the case of ESNDoctor, we create a friendly environment so anyone can use it, even if they don’t know anything about phones. All you have to do is send us the correct IMEI and provide a valid email, and we can clean the handset in no time while you learn more about this lock from the comfort of your own home.

Do I need an Unlock Code to Clean or Unlock Sony Xperia Phones?

No, ESNDoctor doesn’t provide any type of code, like network unlock codes or SIM unlock codes. At the moment, we specialize in blacklist reports. What we can do for you is clean the blacklist report, and after that, you can communicate with your carrier or use other tools (that specialize in this type of lock) to acquire this SIM network unlock pin. Then, choose a different network or another SIM if you want to. 

Before getting your Sony Unlocked, find out if your Phone has been Placed on the Blacklist

Before you go to our main page to unlock a Sony mobile phone, please make sure to check the blacklist status first. For that, go to CTIA’s Stolen Phone Checker or and enter the IMEI of the equipment and see if it is reported on the database and why; that way, you can either decide to do this process with the service provider or with the ESNDoctor online method. 

Unlock your Sony Ericsson Phone (or any Sony Phone) via IMEI Online with ESNDoctor

Unlock any Sony, Sony Xperia Z3, Sony Ericsson phone, Android, or iOS with ESNDoctor. We can clean any mobile device that uses IMEI or ESN as an identification number without caring about its connected carrier. So, if you have friends or family with this issue, you can recommend our services and clean all the reports in less than an hour with our internal servers.

Remember that we only need your name, email, model, and IMEI. We won’t ask for any other information regarding your phone, and it will be unlocked after you follow the instructions on the screen. You might need to remove the local SIM card briefly, but after everything is done, you can restart the equipment and insert it again, and the phone will remain unlocked no matter what. 

Permanently Unlock your Sony Device with just the IMEI

Use our permanent unlock service as many times as you want! There’s no need to factory reset the device or change the IMEI to get a device fully cleaned. Once you use your service, you will not have to worry about blacklisting reports thanks to our association with the GSMA’s IMEI Database, which allows us to remove any device and ensure that it stays that way for a long time.

Use the Best IMEI Unlock Sony Xperia Service on the Market!

ESNDoctor will clean your device safely and permanently without affecting the device or messing with the settings. Our servers control everything so that no one will have access to your information, and after you finish, you won’t need to do anything else to clean it. The process won’t take that long either, so you can access the website, and one hour later, you can start testing your connections and calls. 

Remember to always clean up the blacklist report before unlocking other settings or restrictions on the device. That way, you won’t have issues with the carrier or mess with the phone warranty. Also, please contact us in case you have trouble with the website, the server, or the access key we will send you via email to register and validate your identity. 

What is the Cost of Services like ESNDoctor to Unlock your Phone?

All of our services, like the IMEI cleaning tool, the blog, and the support, are totally free, and we don’t ask for any payment information either, so everything you find on the website can be used free of charge. For other online services, the price may vary depending on several factors, but for the ESNDoctor official unlock service, there’s no need to pay anything!