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How find your IMEI

If you want to obtain your IMEI in an easy and quick way, simply go to the dial on your phone and press *#06#, this will activate an USSD code that will contain your IMEI along with other information

if you are an iOS users all it takes it’s to go into your settings, find general and press the first option “About”, this will display all the information about your device including your IMEI

All devices by law must print their IMEI somewhere on the device, as a general rule, your IMEI might be written on the back of your device

As another general rule, you may find your IMEI on the Sim Card tray, simply eject your Sim Card and search for your IMEI number

In case you still have the box of your device, your IMEI will be printed on the bottom of your box along with the serial number of your device

Having a bad ESN is without a doubt one of the most annoying and hardest things to fix if you don’t have the tools or the knowledge to do so. Before we dive deep into this topic, we would like to explain you how it works, how to identify if this is the real issue and how to fix it in case you have detected that you have a case of bad ESN.

What is a bad ESN?

To understand about this topic we need to know that a bad ESN stands for “Electronic serial number” which is basically the same as your IMEI number. A phone’s ESN contains all the information about the device, this is a policy that all manufacturers must meet before selling their phones commercially.

On the other hand, cellular networks also can be responsible for this number as all devices must be registered under someone’s name and the original carrier. This is a way for carrier like T-mobile or Sprint for example, to make reports in case you have an outstanding balance or if reported stolen or lost.

Why is this so important?

As a way to crackdown on unwanted reselling or use of the devices, most carriers have agreed in creating an open source database that allow network providers to restrict the usage of such devices in case they are blacklisted.

Is it working?

For the most part, the system has been effective in preventing unwanted use without the previous owner approval or preventing fraud in case someone buys a phone with a fake ID and reselling it under different carrier.

Flaws on the system

Despite big efforts by major carriers around the world in cooperation with different law enforcement institutions, this system is not perfect and contains many flaws. The way your device may get blacklisted is due to the CDMA that is built into them.

Wireless networks as well as entire countries are free to choose if they want to participate on this system or not. That’s why we see cases of phones being exported to third countries where CDMA phones that are locked can work without any issues.

Additionally, your phone might end up with a blacklisted phone by mistake as the system still has many issues. A lot of people have reported having their ESN number locked despite them having not outstanding balance or reporting their devices.

How can I verify if I have a bad ESN?

Before trying to unlock your device from the blacklist, we advocate that you first check by yourself that you are really facing this issue. We tell you this, as many people can be having a whole different issue that has nothing to do with a case of bad ESN numbers.

The easiest way on how you can check this, is by using any of the following tools that are completely free to use that will tell you the status of your device:

Feel free to try any of these tools or any other one available on the web. Remember that this information is free and public and might be subjected to errors, that’s why checking multiple sources it’s the best way to have a better answer.

Can you remove a bad ESN?

Luckily for you, we have two ways on how you can remove your blacklisted phone in fairly easy ways. Make sure to read this article entirely to device for yourself which one suits your needs. Before we start, we would like to point out that we highly discourage the unlocking of stolen property or phones being obtained on a fraudulent way.

Unlock with carrier directly

Before we start, we would like to point out that this is the best way to remove a bad ESN as they are the direct entity able to unlock your device. Despite this, we will go over the main requirements and the disadvantages that this might bring in case you decide to take this approach.

Requirements needed

To be eligible for an unlock by your carrier, you must first meet certain requirements that are needed to start your unlocking process. Keep in mind that only the original owner can submit the request to the carrier:

  • Proof of ownership (Receipt)

  • ID (Must contain a picture and full name)

  • IMEI number

  • Be in good standing with the company

Carriers have the right to ask for additional information in case they want. This information is based on the most common requirements asked by Verizon, Sprint, Att, T-mobile and other major providers across North America.

Submit your request

If you meet all requirements, we suggest you to go directly to a branch of your carrier. This will definitely speed up the process as they will be able to check your information and send your request. Once you have the approval by your carrier, your phone will be unlocked within a span of 24-48 hours.

Is it worth the effort?

Depends, If you have the means to obtain all the requirements and have the time to do the process, we would do this method without any doubt. If you do not qualify for it, we suggest you not to try it as this will be very time consuming and you will likely be rejected by the staff at the store.

Clean ESN Online

We know there are many cases where meeting such requirements we just talked about it’s next to impossible. As a way to make an easy ESN service to remove the blacklist from any device, we have teamed up with a group of knowledgeable people that have developed an easy to use Online tool.

Enter and submit your application

To begin the process, you must enter some basic information that will allow the Online tool to start your request and unlock your device:

  • Name

  • Email (Make sure it’s a valid one)

  • Device Model (Android and iPhone are eligible)

  • IMEI (International mobile equipment identity)

Double check all information before sending it to the server, we are not responsible for requests sent with the wrong information. If you are not familiar with how to obtain your IMEI, please go to the beginning of the page where you will find multiple ways on how to obtain it.

Activate your order

As a way to prevent unwanted use by users or duplicated requests, we have implemented a system where the end user must complete a really simple activation process. There will be a video available for you after submitting your request on how to activate your order.

Let the server remove the blacklist for you

At this point, all it takes it’s to wait for an email containing a confirmation that your device has been unlocked successfully. If you want to verify this information, feel free to go to any of the several websites where you can see the status of your blacklist.

Yes, this tools is meant to help all devices (Android and iOS) to solve their blacklisted issues. It does work with a bad ESN iPhone as well with Android phones. To give you some peace of mind, our service is not focused on specific phones but for all kind of phones.

It is, this process will not affect any piece of the hardware or software of your device. This process is completely Online and will only send a request to the entity responsible for locking your device.

The length of this process will vary based on many factors such as the time it takes your to get your order activated, the amount of request being processed. On average each request takes between 2 hours up to 48 hours depending different aspects.

Yes, there are no geo restrictions on the usage of this tool. This service was created mainly for those people that are unable to go to a physical locations due to many issues (Being overseas for example). Please do not use adblockers as this might affect the experience or might block the server.

Yes, a bad ESN means the exact same thing as a blacklisted IMEI number. Your GSM network will recognize both and will generate the restrictions on both numbers. Your MEID and IMEI will be linked to each other, the MEID just being a shorter version of it.

No, you will only be able to use any Sim Card if you have a network unlocked device. This has nothing to do with the bad ESN and you will need a different service in case you want to get rid of this issue.

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