Sell Blacklisted iPhone near me, or Unlock it Now Online!

Sell Blacklisted iPhone near me, or Unlock it Now Online!

If you are considering selling your device because you cannot use the network or make calls, then before you start looking on Google how to “sell blacklisted iPhone near me”, we have an excellent online alternative that can clean the blacklist report in no time. That online method is through ESNDoctor’s online service, and in this guide, we will explain why it is better to unlock a blacklisted iPhone before selling it.

That way, you can either sell it for a better price or gift it to someone else, knowing that you won’t have to go through an annoying unlock process with the carrier or third-party programs that ask for too much information. So, let’s start now and discover how easy it is to unblock your phone with this tool!

Why use a Web App to Unlock Blacklisted Phones?

Why use a Web App to Unlock Blacklisted Phones?
Why use a Web App to Unlock Blacklisted Phones?

Online unlocking tools such as ESNDoctor are designed to clean any device with just the ESN or IMEI of the equipment. This means they can be more efficient than the carrier or other third-party programs that can damage your phone by changing the IMEI or jailbreaking the iPhone for nothing.

Now, since this tool is very straightforward to use and only asks for a bit of info, you can fix a bad ESN or IMEI regardless of the reason behind the lock. That way, you can connect to the internet again, and phone buyers will be more interested in your device since it no longer has those annoying restrictions.

Is it Possible to Sell a Blacklisted Phone?

Yes, you can sell a used device that has been reported; however, as the seller, you will have to include the description that the operator has blacklisted the phone. There will be many people who will pass it on, but other users are interested in purchasing these devices, as they know how to unlock them so a friend or a close relative can use them.

Still, this is something that we don’t fully recommend, as not many users will be aware of the lock, and they will have to deal with the unlock process with their carriers. It is also better to not encourage this type of market, as it can affect many businesses and people that sell new devices.

Buyback Stores Will Buy your iPhone, but It’s Better to Unlock it First

There are a ton of online options for selling blacklisted iPhones since it is legal to sell this type of device. However, remember that most of the time, users prefer to look for known pages to purchase something, and they should have the iPhone already unlocked.

Sell Blacklisted iPhone near me, or How can I Unlock it?

Sell Blacklisted iPhone near me, or How can I Unlock it?
Sell Blacklisted iPhone near me, or How can I Unlock it for Free?

Before you sell your blacklisted iPhone, try our online tool for free! All you have to do is find your IMEI number, and you can start unlocking mobile devices for any carrier like T-Mobile, Verizon, or AT&T without having to pay a dime or be the original owner of the device. We can also take care of carrier locks in case you want to switch carriers after you unlock the blacklisted IMEI.

The process is very simple, and everything will be handled internally, which means that you only need to verify that the information you are entering is correct, and we will do the rest so the bad IMEI or ESN can be deleted from the reporting database. There’s no need to know anything about the phone, worry about the activation lock getting triggered, or be tech-savvy to clean it for free with us!

What is an IMEI Number, and how do I Find It?

The IMEI, or international mobile equipment identity, is an identification code containing the equipment’s model and serial number. Usually, you can find it in the settings or by dialing *#06#; the same applies if you have an ESN (electronic serial number) instead of the IMEI, so you don’t need to do anything different to find and unlock it.

How do I know if the Phone was Reported or not?

There are a ton of Android and iPhone blacklist checkers online to find out whether the phone is blacklisted or not, and they can tell you the status of it by putting the IMEI or ESN. Another way to do it is to call the carrier, ask why the device was blacklisted, and ask for unlock alternatives to be able to use the phone again or before selling it to someone else online.

Unlock a Blacklisted iPhone IMEI or ESN with us

Unlock a Blacklisted iPhone IMEI or ESN with us
Unlock a Blacklisted iPhone IMEI or ESN with us

If you want to sell your mobile but don’t want to sell a blacklisted iPhone that was reported as lost or stolen because it is going to take a lot of time and you need the money quickly, then go to our main page now and start the blacklist removal procedure. To start, please fill in the information on the screen, such as the full name, email address, manufacturer, and IMEI number of the blocked iPhone.

After that, check your mail and look for our access key so you can validate your identity and the server can find your mobile phone. Follow the on-screen instructions, and last but not least, restart the phone with a bad IMEI for 2 minutes, and then test the network connection or the calls to ensure that the procedure worked.

Can I still use my Locked Phone, or is it Useless?

You can still use everything regarding settings and apps; the only thing that won’t work will be the cellular network. You can still use call apps like WhatsApp or Skype to communicate but remember that the cell phone won’t have any internet outside of Wi-Fi. That’s why, if you are considering buying a used phone, try to check the status of the IMEI first and avoid buying blacklisted devices.

No need to Sell your Blacklisted Phone if you Clean it with us!

No need to Sell your Blacklisted Phone if you Clean it with us!
There is no need to Sell your Blacklisted Phone if you Unlock it with ESNDoctor

We understand that sometimes it is easier to sell a phone that got blacklisted and then get a new one, but if you still want to use it and take advantage of all the features, then why not unlock it with ESNDoctor? Remember that our site can clean not only iPhones but also Android devices, which means that if you have another phone that you prefer to use or is a work phone, then this site is perfect for you.

Even if you bought a phone from someone else and already know it was reported, get the IMEI and clean it right away so you can test the other functions without worrying about the calls or net restrictions. It doesn’t matter which iPhone model you are trying to unlock from the blacklist; we will lend you a hand so you can keep it instead.

Is the ESNDoctor Service Available Anywhere?

Yes! You can use ESNDoctor on any device and anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection available. So as soon as you have a network connection, go to your favorite browser. We will be here for you no matter the circumstances, and we will start the unlock process for free!

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