How to get Phone off Blacklist with the ESNDoctor Web App

How to get Phone off Blacklist with the ESNDoctor Web App

Now it’s time for you to learn how to get phone off blacklist with ESNDoctor and remove the blacklist status on your device for free and in the most secure way possible. In this guide, we will show you what to do in this situation so you can recommend our services to someone else or, if it happens again, you won’t waste a lot of time looking for other alternatives as you already have the best one available.

Is it Possible to Clean an IMEI even if it was Reported?

Is it Possible to Clean an IMEI even if it was Reported?
Is it Possible to Clean an IMEI even if it was Reported Lost or Stolen?

Many users opt to look for blacklist removal services online to unlock a blacklisted phone that has been reported as lost or stolen, as the carrier itself (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, etc.) won’t do it unless you are the first owner of the phone. That means that secondhand devices cannot apply for this removal process and will have to use other types of tools like ESNDoctor to clean these reports.

You can still ask them to remove the IMEI blacklist status if you recently had issues with the payments, but if they don’t help you out, you will need to find your phone’s IMEI and try an online tool. Lucky for you, if you are here, then that means that you decided to use the best one, and we will not let you down and will unlock your blacklisted device, whether it was reported lost or just had an issue with the payments.

Who can Blacklist a Cell Phone?

Mobile carriers are responsible for creating these reports and registering flagged IMEI numbers in this database. You can tell the carrier is the one who makes the reports because when you use any online IMEI checker to verify the status of a locked phone, the program shows which carrier has blacklisted the device (fraud, unpaid bills, stolen phone, etc.). Remember that blacklisted IMEI phones cannot connect to any network or make calls unless you prove you are the original owner of them.

Can I use a Blacklisted Phone in other Countries?

Suppose a phone has been blacklisted, and you are currently traveling. In that case, the restrictions will still affect the mobile equipment, and the phone won’t connect to any network (not even roaming services). Also, if you want to unlock it with the carrier, you will have to be in your country in order to do it, or if you don’t have the time, use our service and clean it no matter where you are.

What other Methods are Available to Unlock a Mobile Phone?

Besides the carrier and removal services like ESNDoctor, other programs can change the IMEI number of equipment, which is another way to unlock it. However, that is a method that we don’t recommend, as this lock is not difficult to remove, and doing that change can damage your device permanently, and we cannot guarantee that it will eliminate the phone from the blacklist.

Where can I Clean Up a Reported IMEI or ESN Number?

Where can I Clean Up a Reported IMEI or ESN?
Where can I Clean Up a Reported IMEI or ESN?

To remove your phone from this list and clean any report like stolen or lost, you don’t need to go somewhere else, as you already are at the best place to do it, called ESNDoctor. Remember that you can still use a blacklisted device, but if you already know why it was added there and want to recover all your functions, then use the blacklist removal process that we are going to describe later and clean that IMEI.

In addition, if you have a device that uses ESN instead of IMEI, the procedure and result will be the same, meaning that you can unlock any equipment using either identification number. Get your phone removed from the blacklist and working again in less than an hour and for free with this excellent tool now!

What is this IMEI or ESN Number, and where do I Find it?

Keep in mind that both numbers are different, but both work as the identification code for the equipment. The IMEI (international mobile equipment identity) is a 15-digit number, and the ESN (electronic serial number) is an 8-digit code. A phone can have either one or the other, and to know which one is on your device, you can dial *#06# and get that info right away.

What are the Requirements to Apply for this Unlocking Service?

To use our IMEI blacklist removal free service, the only things we require are getting the IMEI or ESN of the equipment, providing a valid email address, and ensuring that the rest of the information is correct and has no spelling mistakes so the servers can find it easily. Other than that, we don’t need anything else to unlock the phone for you.

How to get Phone off Blacklist without having to Pay

How to get Phone off Blacklist without having to Pay
How to get Phone off Blacklist without having to Pay

To get blacklisted devices off this reporting database for free, go to, click “Unlock Your Phone,” and fill in the spaces with your name, email address, model, and phone’s IMEI number. After doing that, go to your email, look for the access key to register on the site, and start the cleaning procedure.

Please follow the instructions on the email and the screen and remove the SIM card until you can unlock your device. At the end, restart the equipment for at least 2 minutes and insert the SIM again. The mobile device should work normally after a couple of minutes or until you see the message on the screen saying the procedure was done successfully.

Is the ESNDoctor Unlock Procedure Safe?

Our webpage has SSL protection, and our internal server has encryption resources so no one can access your data. Once the process is done, none of the servers will store your information. Instead, they will delete it immediately, as it is unnecessary to keep it anymore. This means that if the phone is blacklisted again, it will be necessary to enter all the data again to unlock it.

Can I Unlock a Blacklisted Device with ESNDoctor?

Can I Unlock a Blacklisted Device with ESNDoctor?
Can I Unlock a Blacklisted iPhone or Android Device with ESNDoctor?

Unlock blacklisted iPhones and Android devices with just the ESN or IMEI number. Use the phone as if nothing had happened. It doesn’t matter if you buy a used phone in the future and that one is also blacklisted; just find your IMEI number, get the model of the equipment, and unlock your blacklisted phone without having to call your phone carrier.

If the model doesn’t show up on the list, there’s no need to stress much about it, as you can still select “Other,” and the system will let you get the access key and clean the phone’s IMEI or ESN number. So, as long as you have the correct data and the IMEI, you can unlock any device anytime.

Is ESNDoctor Unlock Service Available 24/7?

Yes, our servers work all 365 days, and they won’t go off anytime soon, so it doesn’t matter the day or the time; we will always be available for you. Remember that to use our service, all you need is a good internet connection, and we will take care of the rest without having to contact anyone or wait for the next day.

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