Cellular One IMEI Unlock: The Ultimate Tool On The Market

We have great news for you! ESNDoctor’s developer team has now launched the best tool for the Cellular One IMEI Unlock, and we know it will be such a lifesaver for you. Unlocking your blacklisted IMEI is now incredibly easy and does not require you to make any payment. Take advantage of this new unlocking feature and get your phone unlocked now!

How to get your Cellular One IMEI Unlocked?
How to get your Cellular One IMEI Unlocked?

What is the IMEI’s Blacklist Database?

The IMEI blacklist is a database in which around 44 countries collaborate to reduce the levels of cell phone theft through blocks made by mobile operators to deny network service to those reported devices (it is said to be “IMEI’s” because it is the IMEI number that is reported and remains in that database).

What is the IMEI Blacklist?
What is the IMEI Blacklist?

There is another number called the ESN code, which is like a serial number, that can also be reported and is used on devices that do not use a SIM card (those that operate on a CDMA network), and both ESN and IMEI numbers can be removed from the blacklist database with the ESNDoctor’s Cellular One IMEI Unlock.

What Happens if My IMEI is Locked?

When your IMEI or ESN number is locked, the carrier activates a restriction on your mobile device so that you cannot get connected to your provider’s network or any other wireless service. This means that even if you insert a SIM card into the blacklisted phone, it won’t be able to use it and therefore won’t be able to use mobile data, make or receive calls, or send or receive SMS messages. 

Now, keep in mind that in addition to the lock on the reported device, your name will be registered on the blacklist report, so we do recommend that you take care of your carrier’s allegations because if for example if the blacklist report had something to do with unpaid bills, you can definitely get your Cellular One IMEI Unlocked for free with us, but the carrier can also report you to the credit bureau, so that’s something to keep an eye upon. 

How To Know If My Mobile Device Is Reported?

Checking IMEI Blacklist Database
Checking IMEI Blacklist Database

Accessing the database to see if your IMEI is on the blacklist is not possible because only wireless providers and a few other institutions have access to those lists for security reasons (the blacklist database contains the register of people’s information and similar data that has to remain private).

However, you can always visit IMEI checkers! Those are platforms where you can get a full report of your IMEI status in a couple of seconds, and if that’s the case, get your Cellular One IMEI Unlocked without having to pay anything and without having to contact your wireless service provider.

To do so, you only have to search on Google “Check my IMEI status” or “IMEI checker” and select the website of your preference, remember that for this, you will need your IMEI number (a unique 15-digit code that works as an identifier for each mobile device) because that is the code registered on the blacklist database, so here we’ll explain how to get your IMEI quick and easy.

How To Find My IMEI Number?

  • Check for the number written on the box that the gadget arrived in or on the SIM card tray. The IMEI is also printed under the battery or on the back of some cell phone models from manufacturers like Samsung.
  • When you dial the code * # 06 # from your smartphone, a huge black page shows on the screen with several barcodes and, most importantly, the 15 digits of your IMEI number.
  • Go to the device settings and look for the option “about the phone” or “information”. There you will find the IMEI number of the cell phone, along with other data and specifications about the hardware and software of the device.

How To Unlock Blacklisted Phones With Network Providers?

How to get my One Cellular IMEI UNlocked with Network Providers?
How to get my One Cellular IMEI UNlocked with Network Providers?

All providers have similar unlocking policies, the conditions usually vary from country to country but are pretty alike because there is only one international blacklist database, so any modifications to it can be made only under certain conditions. These are the most common conditions you have to meet to get your Cellular One IMEI Unlocked with the Network Providers:

  • You must be the original owner of the phone to be unlocked (you will be asked to show your ID).
  • If you still have a service contract with the carrier, you must be in good standing.
  • Depending on the reason why the device was blacklisted, the carrier may require you to present documents to prove wrong their allegations (The amount or kinds of documents you need to present depend on your provider policies).
  • If you want to present an unlock request for a phone that was financed with the carrier, it has to be already fully paid.
  • You have to be a customer of the specific carrier you are contacting (in this case Cellular One), if you bought the phone from another carrier, Cellular One’s customer service team won’t be able to help (contact your phone’s corresponding carrier in the country in which it was bought).

Why Network Providers Report Devices?

Mobile Operators' Responsibility
Mobile Operators’ Responsibility

Mobile operators are the ones that make these reports since when you buy a smartphone, you register the IMEI number with them, so each telephone company has a record of the vast majority of devices purchased, which they report to the regulatory entities of their corresponding country.

On the other hand, they are also the operators who are notified when there has been a robbery because they are the ones who manage the telephone lines and plans, so the most effective thing is that they have a blacklist reporting protocol.

In addition, as we mentioned before, what an IMEI report causes is that the device has a network lock so that it cannot send or receive calls or messages, and since the telephone company that sold the device is precisely the one that handles everything related to your network connection, it is only logical that it is the wireless carrier the institution that locks it.

Is Unlocking my Blacklisted IMEI the same as Changing it?

Those two procedures are often confused because they both are taken as a solution to get a blacklisted Cellular One IMEI Unlocked. However, they are different because while getting a Cellular One IMEI Unlocked just removing the blacklist report means that you are keeping your actual IMEI number (the one that was assigned to your phone by the manufacturer). On the other hand, changing it means removing the original IMEI number and assigning another one to your device.

Changing your IMEI number is illegal in the US and is very dangerous because the iPhone or Android device could be permanently damaged. If you do so, the phone will stop receiving OS updates and will completely lose every warranty or coverage because it won’t be recognized as the same mobile phone anymore. 

Is it a Good Idea to Unlock your Phone for Free with ESNDoctor?

Why use the ESNDoctor's Cellular One IMEI Unlock service?
Why use the ESNDoctor’s Cellular One IMEI Unlock service?

Getting your One Cellular IMEI Unlocked with ESNDoctor at no charge is the best option for every device. This unlocking tool is compatible with every smartphone and can automatically clear your IMEI in a matter of minutes!

Benefits of ESNDoctor’s Cellular One IMEI Unlock Service

  • To have an unlocked phone won’t take you more than 15 minutes, the process is so easy and fast that you don’t have to spend hours attempting to unlock the device. You just invest 15 minutes and you get a permanent unlock.
  • Our system has high compatibility with all devices brands and models, so regardless of the manufacturer or operating system of the phone you want to unlock, we can get it done.
  • The only requirement that we ask you for is to have ready your IMEI number for us to unlock the device, that’s the only key piece of data that we ask for.
  • There is no contract and you don’t need to be the original owner of the device, so if you own a secondhand device, our program can still automatically unlock it.
  • There are no extra fees or hidden charges and the process is 100% online, so to unlock a mobile phone you don’t have to leave your house.
  • To unlock your mobile phone is very easy, our platform is very simple and easy to use so you won’t struggle with it.
  • You don’t need to contact Cellular One or any carrier to unlock a phone, this external service does not require the operator’s authorization.

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