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Bluegrass Cellular (acquired by Verizon back in 2021) was the first network carrier to provide analog mobile services in 34 counties in rural Kentucky. It used to count with nationwide coverage and phone payment plans, and a lot of users own devices from them. However, there are a lot of people who have now some doubts in terms of how to contact them in case of mistakenly placed blacklist reports because the carrier operations were integrated into Verizon.

If this is your case, don’t worry! thanks to ESNDoctor it is easy to unlock your phone without having to contact Bluegrass Cellular or Verizon. Get to know with us why is ESNDoctor the best way for Bluegrass Cellular IMEI unlock, and how to take advantage of our permanent and instant unlocks 100% free of charge.

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Should I Worry if my Bluegrass Cellular Phone is Locked?

In general terms, a blacklist report is something serious that should be addressed immediately. If you bought a second-hand device but then found out it was blacklisted and you were not able to use your phone, you should try contacting the seller and ask for a refund because that device was probably reported as stolen. If they don’t answer or are not willing to give your refund, it is okay thanks to ESNDoctor’s unlocking tool that removes the report on your behalf.

A Blacklist Report should be Addressed Immediately!

However, if you got a new phone directly from the carrier and it was mistakenly reported, it is a more serious case because the device is registered under your name; you can still unlock it with us, but it would be good to verify with the carrier the reason why it was locked so that there are no other repercussions of that error.

Remember that a phone is not only blacklisted because of a lost or stolen report, it can also be locked because of outstanding or belated payments, so if that’s the case, it is better to be informed and fix the error so that the carrier doesn’t end up mistakenly reporting you with the credit bureau. 

How to Verify my IMEI Blacklist Status?

You can always contact your network provider to ask them to provide information about your IMEI status, however, this is only possible if you are the original owner of the device and the plan associated with it is under your name. 

If this is not your case, there are online tools designed to give you a full report of your IMEI number status without any charge. This kind of free easy IMEI network check lets you know whether your phone is or is not reported, if it is they tell you the reason why and which carrier submitted the report, and in general, provide information about the device like its brand, model, and sometimes serial number. 

You can get all this information by searching on Google “IMEI checker” and selecting one of the options available, remember that this service is free on most of the websites that have it available, so if you happen to open one asking you for money, just look for another one (it’s not worth paying for that kind of service when you can get it for free).

What Documents do I need for Bluegrass Cellular IMEI Unlock with the Carrier?

Bluegrass Cellular IMEI Unlock with the Carrier

If you need to unlock a phone with your carrier, the requested information and documents will change depending on the reason why the device was locked. Anyway, there are some basics that we recommend you have ready:

  • Your IMEI number will be requested no matter what, make sure to have this 15-digit IMEI number ready.
  • You will need your ID and proof of purchase of the phone to make sure you are the legitimate owner of the handset.
  • If your phone was blacklisted for outstanding payments, the unlock process will probably require you to present a certificate of no payment due. 
  • If your phone was reported as lost or stolen, the reported incident has to be already clarified and annulled.

What other Conditions do I have to Meet?

Talking about conditions, you must take into account that the first requirement is that you must be the original owner of the phone, if you bought the device from a local phone shop that sells used or second-hand handsets, people from the network carrier won’t be able to even provide information, far less to unlock the device. 

Can a Bluegrass Cellular IMEI Report be Cleared without the Carrier?

There is always an alternative, in this case, getting the phone unlocked without having to contact the carrier (no matter if it is because you don’t meet their conditions or have a second-hand phone) is possible thanks to ESNDoctor’s 

How Long does it take to Unlock a Bluegrass Cellular Blacklisted Phone?

Unlock your Bluegrass Cellular Phone with ESNDoctor!

If you start the process to unlock the device with the carrier, it will take a while. Remember that they have a lot of requirements and have to study every case, so it usually takes them a couple of days to unlock devices (the process can be faster if you go in person to place the unlocking request.

Now, if you want your phone to be unlocked with ESNDoctor, it will take you far less time. It doesn’t matter if the phone is brand new or if you have an old phone, our unlocking software takes only 15 minutes of your time to unlock permanently every cellular device, and this is one of the reasons why this is the best unlocking company on the internet.

How Much Does a Bluegrass Cellular Blacklist IMEI Unlock Cost?

There are some platforms in which you have to pay for the unlock itself and there are some additional fees to pay if the phone is expensive or so new, and sometimes they even charge you monthly fees to keep your device unlocked, it is like paying for a subscription or a membership with those companies.

Now, if you want and can unlock your phone with your carrier, you don’t have to pay anything. The unlocking process with a carrier is free because when you are eligible for a blacklist report removal with them, it means the report was a mistake, so they just fix the error and leave the phone working as normal.

On the other hand, if you want to unlock your device with ESNDoctor, you can rest assured that one of the reasons why we are recognized as the best service to unlock IMEIs is that we safely and permanently unlock your device at no charge. Our software is meant to offer a 100% free unlocking service for you to use without paying anything and then continue to use your phone as normal.

How to Unlock your Phone with ESNDoctor Unlocking Services

Unlocking your Phone with ESNDoctor

ESNDoctor is the perfect solution for people who need a phone unlocking program easy to use, effective, permanent, and free of charge. If you are ready to unlock your phone to use as if it was never blacklisted, check the following steps and start the process now!

  • If you scroll a little bit up to go back to the top of this article, you will find a menu bar with an “unlock your phone” option in the right corner, click on it.
  • Fill out the form on the screen by entering your name, email address (make sure it is a valid and active email address to which you have access), the brand of the device, and its IMEI number. Submit this information.
  • Go to your email and look for the confirmation email that we sent, click on the link you see there to continue the process, and watch the tutorial video.
  • After this, you will need to validate or authenticate your identity to receive your access key (the access key is like getting an unlock code that will give you access to continue the process). Remember that this is necessary for security reasons and for our system to verify you are a real person and not a robot.
  • Now just wait a couple of minutes until the system finishes processing your request, after you see a pop-up message saying “the phone is now unlocked” just restart your device for it to receive the software update and start using the phone as you wish. By now you will have your phone up and running good as a new one.

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