Effective and Proven Indigo Wireless IMEI Unlock

If you have a second-hand Indigo Wireless iPhone that was reported as stolen or blacklisted and want to remove the IMEI lock, ESNDoctor is the solution you’ve been looking for. With our fast and safe Indigo Wireless IMEI unlock software, you can permanently remove the blacklist report from your phone’s IMEI without having to change it or damage your phone’s warranty and without any charge. Unlocking your phone has never been easier!

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Why is my Carrier able to Lock my Phone?

Carriers (like Verizon, AT&T, or Indigo Wireless as the one in your case) can lock the devices they sell because they are the institutions in charge of activating the corresponding restrictions when something happens to the item, this is more common than you would think, cellular devices are blacklisted daily (mostly because of lost or stolen reports). Here are the principal reasons why a handset can be blacklisted:

Reasons why your Device is Blacklisted
  • The most common one is that the device was reported as lost or stolen by the original owner of the device.
  • Another common reason why cell phones are reported is that the purchased item was never paid for (the owner of the device financed the phone with the service provider but never paid the installments).
  • In some cases, phones can be blacklisted if the owner of the device stopped paying for the mobile plan they have with the carrier (didn’t pay their monthly bill).
  • Also, phones can be blacklisted if there is any kind of illegal activity associated with the purchase or usage of the device.
  • Finally, another case that is still common is when phones are blacklisted because of a fraudulent investigation (if the fraud team of any financial institution is investigating the purchase of that device, it is blacklisted until it is finished).

Do I have an IMEI Report or am I just Unable to use any SIM Card?

It is normal to confuse an IMEI report with a SIM or network lock because they both are activated by the carrier and they both affect the connectivity of the device. However, you can differentiate them because while with a SIM lock, you can only get connected to your original carrier’s network (the phone won’t read any SIM card from another carrier), with an IMEI report, you cannot get connected with any network at all and you can’t make or receive calls, messages, or use mobile data signal.

How can Indigo Wireless Activate a Lock on my Device?

Indigo Wireless along with all the other mobile operators can activate and deactivate a blacklist lock on your phone because of its IMEI number. The IMEI of a phone is a unique code used to identify each specific device (is like an ID but for cellular devices), carriers use it to know which phone was sold to which customer, and if necessary, to register that IMEI number on the blacklist database.

After the IMEI is reported, the phone with that number receives a software update that will permanently restrict it unless you remove the lock. This is the reason why you need to know what your IMEI number is to unlock your iPhone with us (and with any other unlocking service online, this piece of information is necessary whether you do the process with us, the carrier, or another third party).

Do I need the IMEI Number for Indigo Wireless IMEI Unlock? How do I Find it?

To unlock your phone locked or blacklisted you need the IMEI number if it. As we were mentioning, the IMEI is used to generate the blacklist report and for the activation of the lock on the device itself, carriers can use the ESN code or IMEI number for it and both can be entered on our system for the IMEI whitelisting process.

How to Check IMEI Status

Every cellular device has an IMEI number, it doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone or a Samsung, if you have a new phone or an old version, which iPhone model you have (iPhone 11, iPhone XR, iPhone 6, iPhone 8, etc.), or which mobile operator blacklisted the device, it has an IMEI number and you need it to be able to unlock it. This is why we’ll let you know what are the principal methods to find the IMEI number of a phone.

Find your IMEI on the Phone’s Settings App

If you go to the settings app of the phone you want to unlock, you will find a search bar on top of your screen, click on it, and type “IMEI number”, your device will help you locate the code on the device specifications.

Universal Code

If you go to your dialer pad and type the code *#06#, the IMEI number of the device will appear on the screen straight away along with some bar codes. Just take a screenshot of that and you will have it saved.

External IMEI Printouts

This code is usually printed on certain places, so try to check your IMEI on the back of the phone, on its SIM card tray, or if not, it is for sure also printed on its original box (the one in which the phone came in when you bought it).

Is it possible to Unlock your Phone if you are still under Contract with the Carrier?

There are some unlock companies that cannot guarantee the device will be successfully unlocked if you are still under contract with the carrier because their system might obstruct the whitelisting process.

ESNDoctor is One of the Best Methods for Indigo Wireless IMEI Unlock

However, with ESNDoctor there is no problem, that’s one of the reasons why we are one of the best methods to unlock a blacklisted iPhone, we can remove any report made by any carrier in a matter of minutes no matter what (without any additional fees).

Can I Unlock my Phone if it was Reported as Lost or Stolen?

Yes, we understand that most of the users that need to unlock a blacklisted phone are just people who happened to buy a second-hand device without noticing it was reported (people usually sell their used phone to then report it as stolen to get some money from the insurance).

However, with ESNDoctor it is quick and easy to unlock a phone regardless of the reason why it was locked in the first place (as long as you have the IMEI number of your device). In addition, our service is 100% free of charge, you don’t have to pay for anything and after the unlock you will be able to continue to use the phone as you wish (which is why we are considered the best service to unlock devices online).

Do I need to Send my iPhone somewhere for ESNDoctor to Unlock it?

This is a very frequent question, but no, you don’t need to take your phone anywhere to get it unlocked. We offer a 100% online, quick, and easy process for you to do everything from the comfort of your home and have your phone unlocked automatically.

In addition, the program is very easy to use and the process is simple, you can use this site without having any kind of technical knowledge or skills because the software is 100% automated, the user is just basically asked to enter the required information and is given clear instructions throughout the process.

How do you Unlock a Reported Indigo Wireless Phone with ESNDoctor?

Unlocking your Phone with ESNDoctor

You don’t need hours to be able to have your iPhone unlocked, with ESNDoctor the process only takes 15 minutes of your time to completely clear its IMEI so that you can use any network worldwide. Before you start with our software unlock process, we recommend that you have the IMEI of the phone, make sure to have a stable WiFi connection, and have access to your email address (you will receive an email at some point to activate the order).

To start, you just need to visit ESNDoctor.com, click on the “Unlock your phone” option and start entering the information of the unlock that the software is about to process for you (your name, email address, manufacturer, and IMEI number of the phone). 

You will then receive a confirmation message via email to continue, you just need to open it and click on the link to activate the order and continue. Then it will be just a matter of waiting and following the instructions you see on the screen, remember that after the process is completed you need to restart the phone.

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