C Spire IMEI Blacklist Check and How to Unlock it

Let’s review together all the basics of blacklist reports for you to understand better how they work, and how to proceed in case you need your C Spire phone to be unlocked. Remember that with ESNDoctor’s unlocking procedure, you can instantly clean a blacklisted IMEI without any payment. It is the best online solution for C Spire IMEI Blacklist Unlock.

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IS a Reported Device Blacklisted Worldwide? Is it Permanent?

When a phone is reported, it is blacklisted permanently and it cannot be unlocked unless the phone was mistakenly reported and the owner can prove it is wrong or an unlocking company like ESNDoctor removes the lock.

A Reported Device is Blacklisted Worldwide!

Now, this permanent blacklist report is made to an international database to which carriers (the ones from all the countries that are part of the agreement) can have access, so in general terms, a reported device is blacklisted worldwide.

However, it is not normal for carriers to check the reports in all countries before activating a plan, and the lock is usually active in the country because carriers usually don’t go country by country to establish the report on every country, so all in all, people usually go to other countries to use their blacklisted phone there or sell it to foreigners in a good price.

Anyway, if the carrier finds out the phone is reported, they will report again the device in that country, so it is better to just unlock it with ESNDoctor and use it wherever you want.

If C Spire Blacklists a Phone, Can it be Used with other Networks?

When a phone is reported on the blacklist database, this report is shared with all the other network providers in the country (it is a shared database where all carriers make reports to the same list). So the answer to this question will be no, it is not possible to use a blacklisted phone even if you switch carriers. 

However, as we were mentioning before, there is an option that usually works for some people, and that is that if for example a device was locked in Australia, they can take the phone to the US and use it in the country (usually reports can be voided if you use the phone in a different country). 

What Should I check Before I Purchase a Second-Hand Phone?

Check Before you Buy a Used Phone

Aside from the obvious aspects to check before you buy a used phone  ( like seeing if the screen is working and not broken, that the phone turns on, etc.) there are other important things to check:

  • Insert a different SIM card (from AT&T, T-Mobile, etc.). The phone should be able to use any network without a problem, if not, it means the device has a SIM or carrier lock.
  • Search the phone’s IMEI number on an IMEI check website to receive a full report of the IMEI status of the handset, it will help you determine if it has any lost or stolen report and if it is blacklisted.
  • If you are looking for iPhones or Apple devices check that they are not associated with any iCloud account. Try to factory reset the device, if you see an activation screen lock asking for iCloud authentication ask the seller to remove their account.
  • If you want to buy an Android device (Sony, Alcatel, Samsung, etc.) factory reset the device to see if it has an FRP lock. If so, ask the seller to unlock the device and remove their Google account.

Do Blacklist Reports Work on all Phones?

There is no cell phone around the world exempt from being reported, regardless of your phone’s brand, carrier, model, or version, every smartphone can get a blacklist report and be locked.

Every Smartphone can get a Blacklist Report and be Locked

That is the reason why all cellular devices have a unique code assigned by the manufacturer called the IMEI number; this IMEI code is used to register the reported phone on the official blacklist database and to activate the lock on the device.

This is why if you want to IMEI unlock your iPhone or Android device you will need its IMEI number (because that code was the one documented on the report). If you don’t know what is the IMEI of your phone, don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

How do I Find my IMEI number?

Finding your phone’s IMEI number is really easy, if you have an Apple device you don’t even need your phone, you can get it from the device’s list on your iCloud account — if you have Android you also have a remote option to get the IMEI code, just go to “Find my Device” and click on the ⓘ symbol to see your phone’s IMEI —.

If you do have your phone handy, you can also proceed with one of the following methods:

  • Check on the original box where the phone came in, it is usually printed there.
  • See if the number appears on the back side of your device or its SIM card tray.
  • Enter the code *#06# from your dialer app.
  • Go to your settings and type “IMEI number” on the search bar.

Can C Spire Wireless Unlock my Blacklisted Mobile Phone? 

Yes! all carriers or mobile operators can remove the locks they activate, so if you purchased your device originally from C Spire and they blacklisted your device, you can make an unlocking request so that they remove the report.

However, this is only possible if you can dispute the carrier’s allegations and prove the report was a mistake, in addition, this will only be possible if you are the original proprietary of the phone to be unlocked because your name has to be registered on their system as the legitimate owner of the handset for them to provide any information or receive any documentation.

What is Device Unlock Eligibility?

Device Unlock Eligibility

When people talk about device unlock eligibility, they are referring to the conditions or requirements that the network provider establishes to determine if a locked device is eligible to be unlocked or not (the conditions and timeframes to get your iPhone unlocked with the carrier are usually the same because as we mentioned before, all mobile operators send their reports to the same database).

Some of these requirements include that you need to be the legitimate proprietor of the device, you need your ID, the IMEI of the device, and all sorts of documentation to prove that the device was unfairly blacklisted.

If you think you meet the eligibility requirements of C Spire, you can contact them or visit one of the carrier’s offices and start the unlocking request. Remember that it usually takes approximately 3 business days or more for them to process it and some more time to fully remove the report.

How to use External Services for C Spire IMEI Blacklist Unlock

By external services, we mean third-party companies that offer online unlocking assistance for people to unlock their phones without having to meet their carrier’s unlocking policy, wait for their long timeframes, and without having to be the original owner of the blacklisted device (let’s remember that most of the people dealing with blacklists are just those who purchased second-hand phones without noticing the phone had a lost or stolen, unpaid, or fraud report).

C Spire IMEI Blacklist Unlock with ESNDoctor

ESNDoctor’s unlocking software is a competitive option in the market because with us you can automatically remove your lock in just a couple of minutes (keep in mind that other websites unlock devices within 24 hours while we only take a maximum of 15 minutes).

Unlocking your Phone with ESNDoctor: Benefits

  • Our program is compatible with all Apple and Android references, so regardless of the brand or model of your device, you can get it unlocked with us.
  • Unlocking your phone with us is not going to affect your iPhone’s AppleCare warranty or any kind of coverage your device has.
  • The unlocking process is completely secure and the program is very easy to use (the steps are accurate, pretty clear, and easy to follow), you don’t need to be an expert to use our services.
  • All you need is a stable WiFi connection, the IMEI number of your phone, and a valid email address to which you have access for you to place the order (you don’t have to be the phone’s original owner or have any documentation).
  • The process is 100% online and is free to use, to complete the phone unlocking process there are no fees or payments required.

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