T-Mobile Unlock: The Ultimate Solution for IMEI Blacklist Removal

T-Mobile is one of the most known carriers around the US and there are thousands of users looking forward to unlocking their T-Mobile blacklisted device, that’s why we have created this quick guide where you will learn everything you need about our free T-Mobile unlock – IMEI blacklist removal services.

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ESNDoctor: Best Free Device Unlock App

The greatest alternative for removing and fixing your T-Mobile device’s blacklist status is ESNDoctor as the procedure is 100% online (so you don’t need to waste time installing programs on your phone or computer), is completely free, and you don’t need any specialized technical skills (the network unlock is very easy and the software does pretty much everything, you just have to enter the necessary information).

Why ESNDoctor is the Best Solution for Blacklist Removal

ESNDoctor offers a permanent unlock that is available anywhere at any time (international unlocks) and will only take you a couple of minutes, also, the process won’t affect your T-Mobile device in any way, so it will still be perfectly functional and all its features will be working as normal.

In addition. ESNDoctor’s device unlock app is safe to use (you can rest assured that we won’t collect any information from your device as the program has enabled an automatic process that deletes all data as soon as the mobile device unlock app finishes) and your privacy is a priority.

How do I Find my Phone’s IMEI Number?

Having your IMEI number ready before starting the process with our device unlock app is very important because that is one of the very first pieces of information that you need to enter to start, so knowing how to find it is necessary.

There are various methods to find your phone’s IMEI, here is a compilation of the better options when it comes to finding your IMEI no matter if you have your phone with you at the moment or not.

How to Find my Phone’s IMEI Number: If you have your phone with you

How To Find IMEI Number on iPhone
  • From the settings app of your mobile device just look for the “about phone” tab, open it, and then scroll down until you see the IMEI number. On Apple devices, you need to click on “general” and then on “about” to get to the screen where it shows the iPhone’s information.
  • Check for the printed 15 digits of the IMEI on the back of your T-Mobile phone or in its SIM card tray. You can find it on the phone’s original box as well or on the original manuals. If not you can also look for the receipt of when you purchased the device.
  • Dial the following code: *#06# from your phone, it will take you to a black screen where you will be able to see your IMEI. Remember that you don’t have to click on the call button, you just enter the code and it automatically shows the IMEI.

How to Find my Phone’s IMEI Number: If you don’t have your phone with you

  • If the device is registered under your T-Mobile account, you just have to log in and look for the device, on its description you should be able to see the IMEI.
  • For an Apple phone: If your device is linked to your iCloud account, log into it and click on the “devices” tab. Select the mobile device you need and click on “more details”, you will see your IMEI along with the phone’s serial number and other information.
  • For an Android phone: If your device is linked to your Google account, just search “Google find my device”. This will take you to a screen where you can see your device’s location, you just have to click on the ⓘ icon and you will see your IMEI.

How to Verify if a T-Mobile Phone is Blacklisted

The very first option you have is to call T-Mobile directly to see what is the status of your device on their system, however, for you to obtain this type of information about a device from them you have to be the original owner and have the phone registered on your name (associated with your account).

Nevertheless, there are certain websites that can look up this information for you in just a couple of minutes, with web pages such as IMEI24, IMEI.info, and IMEIcheck you can get a full report about your phone’s status for free including the following information:

  • Basic details like the phone’s brand and model.
  • If there is a lost or stolen report.
  • If the device is blacklisted.
  • Which carrier blacklisted the device.
  • Warranty coverage status.

Why was my T-Mobile Phone Blacklisted?

Reasons Why a T-Mobile Device is Blacklisted

There can be a lot of reasons why a T-Mobile device is blacklisted or reported, this measure was created upon an agreement among various countries to fight the illegal use of stolen phones, so the principal reason why a device is locked is that it was reported lost or stolen. T-Mobile and other carriers from around the world can lock a device also because:

  • It is associated with illegal transactions/suspicious activity like money laundering, check fraud, cash transaction structuring, identity theft, etc.
  • There is a fraud investigation taking place (from any financial institution) in relation to the device (this is related to illegal transactions/suspicious activity but when is not being managed by T-Mobile or the carrier but by the bank)
  • There was a breach of contract or the original proprietary of the phone is not in good standing with the carrier (stopped paying their phone’s installments or plan’s bills).

However, most people that need to use ESNDoctor’s device unlock app are just people who purchased second-hand devices (used phones) and found out later that the device was blacklisted.

How does it Affect the Phone being Blacklisted?

Even if you have a new phone and is a new model: if the device is blacklisted, it won’t be able to connect to T-Mobile’s network or any other networks. This lock directly impacts the phone’s connectivity so you won’t be able to make/receive any phone calls or messages (no matter what your connection settings are).

In addition, if you need technical support and want to leave the phone with T-Mobile for them to help you to do something, they won’t be able to do so because the device has a report (they will probably have to actually take the phone from you), also, if for some reason any authority finds out the device you have is reported/blacklisted (you are in possession of a stolen device), you might get in some trouble and they will probably take the device to contact the legitimate owner of it.

Some people think that if they just change to a new carrier the issue will get fixed, and this is not true, the only way to regain access to your blacklisted device is by meeting the eligibility requirements that T-Mobile states in order to unlock it (like ownership supporting documents) or by completing our unlocking process to eliminate the report from your mobile phone.

How to use ESNDoctor’s Device Unlock App

Unlock your T-Mobile Device with ESNDoctor

Having an unlocked phone is possible with ESNDoctor, it’s just a matter of 30 minutes on our website and for your T-Mobile device to be completely free of blacklist reports. Here is what you have to do:

  • Visit ESNDoctor.com and click on the “Unlock your Phone” button.
  • Fill out the form on-screen by entering your name, email address, phone model, and IMEI.
  • Open the email you received on the email you entered before and click on the link there (it will activate the order you placed before)
  • Watch the tutorial video to have a better (and visual) guide on how to remotely unlock your phone.
  • As you might know after watching the video, you will need to obtain your access key, to do so, just click on the “obtain access key” button.
  • You will receive further instructions on how to authenticate your identity, so follow the steps and download the access key to enter it along with your order number.
  • Now the system will proceed with the elimination of your blacklist report, you just have to wait a couple of minutes until the system finishes the process to then restart your phone. Now you should have an unlocked T-Mobile device!

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