Cricket IMEI Unlock: How to Use Your Phone with Any Carrier

Looking for an easy, safe, fast, and free Cricket IMEI unlock? ESNDoctor is the answer. We have the best unlocking service on the internet: we support Cricket Wireless and all other different carriers no matter if they work with a CDMA or GSM network, our service is compatible with all cellular devices, and we offer all of this 100% free of charge and available 24/7. all you need is your phone’s IMEI number and a stable WiFi connection!

Cricket IMEI Unlock

What is Cricket Wireless and Why did they Blacklist my Phone?

Cricket Wireless is a network provider just like Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile, among others (actually, Cricket is a subsidiary of AT&T), this carrier’s network is pretty well known because of its wide and reliable coverage all around the US — In the MVNO Segment, J.D. Power ranked them first in both customer service and the purchasing experience two times in a row —.

What is Cricket Wireless

Now, when we talk about a Cricket Mobile device it’s in reference to a smartphone that was sold by this carrier — they have some good plans for people to finance their phones under their Cricket SIM plans —. Cricket smartphones can be legally locked by Cricket Wireless if they received any lost or stolen report or if the owner didn’t pay the installments they agreed to (a device can also be locked if it was used or is associated with any kind of illegal activity).

What do I do if Cricket Wireless Locked my Phone?

There is something to highlight here, and it is that when carriers report an IMEI number, it is not automated: the process is made by a Cricket Wireless support agent that can make human mistakes. This is why some people that didn’t do anything to be reported end up with a locked device and have to send an unlock request.

If the phone isn’t lost or stolen (and all the other locking reasons can be disputed) you can ask the carrier to unlock your Cricket phone. However, this takes a lot of time (up to 5 business days) and a lot of paperwork (because they need certificates and supporting documents to prove the report wrong, so ESNDoctor is your best chance to get an unlocked phone in minutes.

Will Cricket Unlock my Second-Hand Phone?

This is a pretty common case, and the issue here is that people who purchased a used device from a private seller without noticing the phone was blacklisted or locked to Cricket won’t be able to unlock the device either with Cricket directly or with another carrier. This is because one of the principal eligibility requirements is that only the original owner of the device can place an unlocking request, so ESNDoctor is still the best option to unlock a Cricket phone.

What does IMEI Unlock Mean?

IMEI Unlock meaning

IMEI unlock refers to the process of clearing all blacklist reports of a phone’s IMEI number, this is necessary if you want to use your phone as normal without having to worry about the blacklist lock affecting your device’s features.

When you unlock your phone you do two things, you remove the report made, and also eliminate the lock that was activated on the device:

  • Remove the report: This report is made by carriers to an international database called blacklist with the intention of notifying other carriers (the ones in countries that are part of the blacklist consensus) and leaving a record of the status of the device.
  • Eliminate the lock: This second part is essential because the lock is precisely the restriction that the carrier places on the device so that the user is unable to get connected to any network or use any kind of SIM card (you are not able to make/receive calls or to send/receive messages).

Can I Unlock my Phone Myself for Free?

To unlock a Cricket Wireless phone can be a little expensive depending on the model of the device you are trying to unlock and some other factors (with some third-party service providers you talk about months of paid service for them to keep your phone unlocked). However, thanks to ESNDoctor’s 100% free unlocking tool, this is not a problem anymore, you can complete the process all by yourself on our online platform without having to make any payment.

Cricket IMEI Unlock with ESNDoctor

ESNDoctor is the best option to unlock your Cricket Wireless phone in minutes, our unlocking tool is not only free of charge and safe to use but there are also other great advantages that come with it and make it definitely worth the hype.

Unlocking your Cricket Phone with ESNDoctor

Easy to Use Platform

You might wonder if a normal person that doesn’t really have any technical skills or knowledge can use our unlocking tool, and the answer is yes. Our user-friendly software has been programmed to deliver clear instructions, the end user is just required to enter some important information and follow some easy steps like entering another SIM card on the phone or clicking on a button.

Fast Process

Something that people usually don’t think about when it comes to an unlock is the time that it will take, removing a blacklist report of a phone from Cricket can be really time-consuming if the process is made with the carrier directly (we are talking about days and maybe weeks). However, with ESNDoctor a device is unlocked in just a matter of minutes, it takes approximately 15 minutes (maximum half an hour) to complete the process no matter if it uses a GSM or a CDMA network.

High Compatibility

Our program has high compatibility in various aspects, to start, the program can be used in any PC (Windows or Mac) or phone, also, it is able to unlock any kind of device (from iPhones to Android devices from any manufacturer), and in addition, can remove blacklist reports from any GSM or CDMA carrier network.

No Conditions or Requirements

While an unlock directly with the carrier takes a lot of paperwork (they do require a lot of documentation and supporting proof to authorize an unlock), with ESNDoctor you don’t really need anything like that, as long as you have your device’s IMEI number you can complete the process. Also, they do have a lot of conditions for you to be eligible for the unlock (to start if you have a second-hand phone they cannot even provide information about the device) meanwhile there are no conditions to use our service.

100% Online and Permanent Unlocks

ESNDoctor’s unlocking service is 100% online, this means that you don’t have to download or install any programs to your computer, phone, device you are using for the process, or device you want to unlock — this is a big benefit because with other unlocking platforms the device cannot be unlocked if you don’t install some APK files into the phone —. And not enough, our unlock is permanent, this means that you will only need to do this once to have a permanently unlocked phone.

How do I Unlock a Cricket Mobile Phone from brands other than Apple (Samsung, LG, etc.)?

Even though ESNDoctor’s unlocking tool was primarily able to unlock Apple devices only, our developers’ team has enabled new features that now give our software high compatibility to not only unlock an iPhone but also Android devices from different manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, Huawei, Xiaomi, and ZTE, among others.

ESNDoctor can unlock iPhones and Android Devices

There are different protocols that were created to guarantee that regardless of the kind of device to be unlocked, the process will adapt to safely unlock it. Remember that no matter the model of your phone (if it’s a brand new device or an old version) you won’t need to pay additional fees or anything at all, our service is 100% free of charge (there is no better deal than this).

How do I Know if my Phone is Compatible with ESNDoctor’s Program?

When you visit our website, there is a button on the top right corner of the page, all you have to do to find out if your phone is compatible with our program or not is to click there, and take a look at the manufacturers’ list located in the sort form you see on screen (right after the “email” box where you have to enter your email address you will see the ” manufacturers” tab, click on it and you’ll see the list).

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