Say Goodbye to Restrictions using this Consumer Cellular IMEI Unlock

Consumer Cellular is a nationwide network carrier that provides affordable prepaid cell phone plans without contracts and mobile devices, they are pretty popular because of their great coverage, and because getting a phone with them is very easy.

If you have a blacklisted Consumer Cellular phone but you don’t know what to do about it or how to start a Consumer Cellular IMEI unlock process, don’t worry, learn everything you need about this matter with us and get to know why is ESNDoctor the best online unlocking service.

Consumer Cellular IMEI Unlock

Can Consumer Cellular Remove a Blacklist Report?

You can unlock Consumer Cellular phone directly with the carrier by requesting an official blacklist dispute (you just have to contact them and talk with one of the customer representatives to place the request), the only thing is that the unlocking authorization and the whole process depend on their very strict unlocking policies.

Consumer Cellular can Unlock your Phone

This is because a blacklist report is always associated with very delicate situations such as phone theft, unpaid debts, illegal activity, etc., so they have to confirm and be able to prove that the device was mistakenly blacklisted, let’s learn more about the unlocking process with mobile service providers.

What is Consumer Cellular Unlock Policy?

All carriers have nearly identical criteria since the blacklist database operates under an international agreement in which all involved carriers have agreed to particular locking and unlocking policies that include certain conditions or requirements that change depending on the reason why the device was blacklisted in the first place.

Those conditions depend on each specific case, but the basic conditions are that the only person who can make a blacklist removal request is the original owner of the device (if you have a second-hand phone there is nothing they can do for you) and that in order to place this unlocking request you need to have some documentation like:

  • Proof of purchase.
  • Proof statements of no balance due.
  • Certificate of good standing debts.
  • Your ID.
  • The loss, theft, or robbery report (in case there was one).

Can you Unlock a Consumer Cellular Phone Yourself?

Yes, if you happened to not meet the carrier’s requirements, you can always unlock your phone yourself with an external blacklist removal tool like ESNDoctor’s one. With us, you won’t need any documentation and the unlocking process won’t take you days, keep reading to learn how!

Consumer Cellular IMEI Unlock 100% Online

ESNDoctor’s unlocking service is the best option for when you need to remove your phone’s IMEI blacklist report but couldn’t meet the eligibility requirements of the carrier or didn’t want to go through all the time-wasting process and paperwork.

ESNDoctor is the Best Blacklist Removal Tool Online

We can guarantee to unlock your phone in a matter of minutes and without so many conditions, all you have to do is to enter your IMEI number and some other basic device details for the software to process your unlock and follow some easy instructions to complete the process. Here are some other reasons why ESNDoctor is the best online unlocking service.

Why is ESNDoctor the Best Blacklist Removal Tool Online?

  • Our unlocking tool is compatible with any phone model and manufacturer (you can unlock an iPhone or Android device without a problem).
  • Your mobile phone is safe with us, you won’t lose any feature of the device and it will perform perfectly after the unlock.
  • We offer international unlocks: as this unlocking method is completely remote and automated, you can access our website from anywhere at any time.
  • You can have your locked device legally and permanently unlocked in minutes without affecting your phone’s warranty (some other unlocking platforms usually invalidate your warranty because what they do is not clean the IMEI but change it).
  • All the information you enter on our website is encrypted so that the process is safer and you don’t risk any personal information while unlocking your phone.
  • We have an accumulated success rate of 99.9%, so you can rest assured that the unlock is effective (and gets done remotely from the comfort of your home).

What Information do I need to Supply to Unlock a Phone with ESNDoctor?

As we were mentioning, we don’t have a lot of requirements or conditions for you to use our service, all you need to enter for the system to automatically process your device unlock request is:

  • Your name.
  • A valid and working email address (we will send you a confirmation code via email and SMS).
  • Your phone’s brand (manufacturer).
  • Your phone’s ESN code or IMEI number.

In addition, we do recommend that you make sure you have a stable WiFi connection and the soon-to-be unlocked phone handy (for you to be able to update it because you’ll need to restart and test it to make sure the phone is unlocked from the Consumer Cellular network report).

How do I Find my IMEI Number?

How To Find IMEI Number on iPhone
  • Dial the international IMEI finder code on your phone’s dialer, the code you need to enter is * # 06 # (you will see a black pop-up screen with the IMEI on it).
  • Go to your phone’s settings app and look for the search bar on top of the screen, then just type “IMEI” and click on the first option.
  • See if you can get the IMEI of your phone from Consumer Cellular directly (they’ll provide your 15 digit IMEI if you bought the phone directly from them).
  • The IMEI is usually printed on the back of the device, on its SIM card tray, or on the original box where it came in.
  • If you have an iPhone you can get the IMEI from your iCloud account.

How Long does it Take to Unlock the IMEI of my Device?

We want to highlight that other unlocking platforms have usually a 24hr unlock delivery policy and normally take a couple of hours to eliminate the blacklist report (and can charge up to $50 for that) while we only take approximately 15 minutes and offer a complete unlock (after you enter the data the system will automatically process the blacklist removal request and complete it in no more than 20 minutes), also, you don’t need to download some complicated software or program as everything can be done from our website.

How Much does it Cost to IMEI Unlock a Device?

ESNDoctor’s services are 100% free of charge, it doesn’t matter if your phone is brand new or you have an old reference device, there are no additional charges for anything, in addition, the process is completely online, this means that you don’t need to send your Consumer Cellular device to a location for someone to unlock it or anything like that, everything is done from our website and from the comfort of your own home.

How to Unlock your Phone with ESNDoctor’s Unlocking Service

To clean your phone locked to Consumer Cellular for a blacklist report is very easy with ESNDoctor, here are the easy-to-follow instructions to complete the process from our website.

Steps on How to Unlock your Phone with ESNDoctor

Start the Unlocking Process and Enter the Information

Visit and click on the “Unlock your Phone” button, fill out the form by entering the requested information such as your name, email address (make sure you have access to it), IMEI number, and phone brand. If you somehow made a mistake or entered the wrong IMEI number, don’t worry, the order is not active yet so you can go back and fix it.

Verify your Identity and Watch the Tutorial Video

To activate the order and have your phone unlocked, we need to authenticate your identity to make sure you are a real person and not a bot or a competitor trying to make a profit out of our online tool (they advertise an unlock and after the payment is received, they use our free tool to process the unlock). Please verify your identity and if necessary, watch the tutorial video on the screen (it is pretty useful to clarify the instructions and the procedure in general).

Follow the Instructions and Complete the Process

You will be given some easy-to-follow instructions for the system to continue the process (you might be asked for some more details about your device if necessary), just complete the steps and wait for the software to finish processing the request. After everything is complete, don’t forget to restart the device before inserting any SIM card.

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