Unlock your ATT Blacklisted Phone with ESNDoctor Now!

Unlock your ATT Blacklisted Phone with ESNDoctor Now!

Unlock a blacklisted iPhone, Samsung, or Motorola without having to place the unlock request to your original carrier now and remove your phone’s blacklist status indefinitely! We have the definitive solution for blacklist locks and reported IMEI numbers that use AT&T services, so get your ATT blacklisted phone and IMEI unlock it with ESNDoctor.

Does a Blacklisted Phone still Work with AT&T?

Does a Blacklisted Phone still Work with AT&T
Does a Blacklisted Phone still Work with AT&T?

Unfortunately, it won’t work with AT&T once it is reported on the blacklist. Your signal that handles calls, messages, and data plans will be locked. This report is made directly on the IMEI number that is on your phone, so it will be registered in the IMEI blacklist database, so any other provider or AT&T itself will know about the blacklisted device since they can put on or take off the mobile device from it and use this information to keep the lock on the phone unless there’s a valid reason to remove it.

The good thing is that you will still be able to use wifi and other features, but if you have this phone for business or other important things and you need to always be aware of your calls or connect to the network, well, with this block, you might be thinking of buying another phone that is not reported instead of looking for other solutions. Fortunately, you don’t have to, as ESNDoctor can lend you a hand and unlock your phone, so you can still use the phone with everything it came with and without any limitations.

Can I Use Another Carrier to Make my phone Work Again?

It doesn’t matter if you try to switch carriers like T-Mobile or Verizon or if you use another sim card; the lock is directly on the IMEI of the mobile phone, so the report database will continue to show this device as blacklisted until some kind of unlocking is done or is removed from it. So in the meantime, you won’t be able to place any calls, send messages, or connect to any network (GSM or CDMA) besides your wifi connection, which means that your mobile data will not work and you won’t be able to make use of internet functions outside.

Can AT&T Directly Unlock My Phone?

Can AT&T Directly Unlock My Phone?
Can AT&T Directly Unlock My Phone?

AT&T has an unlocking service for this type of situation, but it should be noted that it may not be a good solution for many users who purchased their phones from third-party sellers and are second-hand or used phones, as the requirements are quite complicated, as is the ability to meet all of them since you basically have to be the owner of the device in order to submit the unlock request.

We understand that if you bought your phone elsewhere or it was a gift or even if you are the original owner this is not the fastest or the best process to unlock your device, so here we want to present an excellent alternative: ESNDoctor takes away the stress and complications of the IMEI unlock process with the carrier and make this unlock easier for you.

Requirements to Unlock a Blacklisted Phone with AT&T

The requirements to unlock the blacklisted phone or any other device associated with AT&T are:

  • The phone cannot be associated with another contract or account; it can only be a valid AT&T phone.
  • It must have an active payment plan and have the phone active with that wireless number for at least 60 days.
  • The phone must be fully paid for and cannot be on an installment plan to make an unlock request.
  • It cannot be reported as lost or stolen or have bill problems (unpaid account balance) and does not violate the company’s fraud policy.

Am I Going to Get an Unlock Code?

As such, AT&T will not give you an unlock code as they have access to the blacklist. They will only remove this report and let you know that it is unlocked, and that is where the process with them will end. As for ESNDoctor, it is a very similar process, as we will also remove the phone’s IMEI from the blacklist without the need for an unlock code, and you just have to follow a small step-by-step process to get the AT&T device out of the report database.

Fix your ATT Device and Make Use of Our Blacklist Removal Service!

Fix your ATT Device and Make Use of Our Blacklist Removal Service! ESNDoctor
Fix your ATT Device and Make Use of Our Blacklist Removal Service!

You only need to have your IMEI and some basic data to unlock it quickly and online. You don’t have to be the original owner of the device, and even if you got it on any online cell phone sales page (eBay for example), there is no need to contact the seller and return the phone to get your money back. We unlock your phone for free and securely with no need to wait in line, no hassle, and no unnecessary stress, we want it to be that way for all ESNDoctor users as we want the process to be simple and friendly user.  

Don’t keep looking for other ways to unlock your device’s IMEI, because here we assure you that if your phone is blacklisted we will activate it permanently whether they are iPhones from past generations or Android devices that are on an older Android version so you will be able to make calls and connect to any network of your choice. 

How to Unlock an ATT Blacklisted Phone

Now it’s time to get rid of your worries and unlock your ATT blacklisted phone with our super simple method that won’t take you more than an hour, so all you have to remove the lock placed on the phone’s IMEI number is:

  1. Go to our website or to the top of this article and click on the blue button on the right that says “Unlock your Phone”.
  2. This will open a new tab and ask you to fill in some basic information about yourself, such as your name, your email, your phone’s manufacturer (if the phone is Apple or Android), and your IMEI number.
  3. Once you have all this filled in, click on the option that says “Start Unlock”.
  4. Again, it will open another tab, and you will get an email to follow the unlock instructions.

When everything is done, just reboot your phone, and as if by magic, your phone will not have any restrictions in terms of signal or network. If you want, you can even use IMEI checkers to know the status of your IMEI-based device as once you finish using ESNDoctor, the device will appear completely free.

Unlock Blacklisted ESN Numbers as well

Unlock Blacklisted ESN Numbers as well
Unlock Blacklisted ESN Numbers as well

As you may have noticed, we have talked about phones that have an IMEI, but what about devices that have ESN numbers? Well, ESNDoctor can also handle these devices and unlock them in the same way we showed you above, we will take care of this problem and we will be able to help devices that use the ESN number as well.

Now that you know that ESNDoctor handles both ESN and IMEI, we are going to quickly tell you how to find them so that you have them at hand when doing your unlock process and also know if your phone uses one or the other. So just dial *#06# on your mobile. Once you have dialed this number, you will get a message on the screen that will tell you all the information about your phone, and it will tell you either your IMEI or ESN number along with your phone’s model number and serial number. 

Why Use ESNDoctor to Unlock IMEI Devices

We want our users to be untroubled, and therefore we are proud to be able to provide a definitive solution to a common problem such as blacklisted devices. Count on our unlocking service wherever you are and unlock your AT&T phone without so many headaches and without wasting valuable time trying other online methods that may not work the way you expect them to. Once you try ESNDoctor and unlock a device, you’ll be really pleased with the results that we offer without having to meet the requirements to be able to use your device!

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