"Is my Phone Blacklisted?" Clean it Now with ESNDoctor!

“Is my Phone Blacklisted?” Clean it Now with ESNDoctor!

Get to know your blacklist status and know how to unlock it with the most popular tool of this year, ESNDoctor. Learn here how to clean any device, where to find the identifier of the equipment (IMEI), and how our services work so you can recommend them later. So if you are still wondering if is my phone blacklisted? and how I can get it removed from this reporting database, keep reading to discover ESNDoctor.

Who makes the decision about which Phones are Locked?

Who makes the decision about which Phones are Locked?
Who makes the decision about which Phones are Locked?

That decision is made by the mobile carriers (like T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, etc.), who are in charge of registering and keeping this list updated with the help of the blacklist database. For example, when the user or previous owner reports that the device was stolen or lost, the carrier asks for all the info regarding the incident, creates a report number then locks the phone with the IMEI number.

Then, the phone carrier lists this number on the blacklist database, so it won’t be able to connect to any network even if the phone is taken out of the country and someone else buys the phone second-hand. Another thing to remember is that the device won’t get a signal as the network carrier will lock down everything related to communication so it won’t be possible to make calls or send SMS either.

Why can a Mobile Phone be Reported on this Blacklist?

The most common one will be reported lost or stolen, which is why the blacklist database was created in the first place to stop people from buying or selling these devices for profit. The other ones that can affect a mobile device are unpaid bills and fraud, as the phone industry has grown a lot since the creation of this list, and now there are new ways to create reports and delete them. 

Can Using the IMEI Blacklist Check Harm My Phone?

Not at all! Free IMEI check services are harmless, as the only thing that they require to work and provide you with the status is having the phone’s IMEI number so they can look for it on the blacklist. On the other hand, if you don’t want to use any of these online blacklist checkers, you can try them directly with the carrier (you have to call them directly) or with the CTIA’s Stolen Phone Checker.

Is my Phone Blacklisted? How can I Clean it?

Is my Phone Blacklisted? How can I Clean it?
Is my Phone Blacklisted? How can I Clean it?

When the device is blacklisted, all you have to do is go to our main page or click on one of the buttons present in this article so you can be redirected to another tab. Following that, please enter the following details to begin the unlocking procedure (ensure that the information is accurate to avoid having to restart from scratch).

  • Full name.
  • Valid email address.
  • Manufacturer (Samsung, iPhone, etc.).
  • Device’s IMEI or ESN number.

Check your email to obtain the access key and verify your identification after entering your IMEI. Then, to get the device taken off the blacklist, you’ll need to adhere to the instructions that show on the screen. This process will be brief, a notification will appear showing that the IMEI is clean and to restart the phone so it can start working again. 

Where can I find my Phone’s Unique Identifier (IMEI)?

To find the IMEI (international mobile equipment identity) that is used to identify all smartphones, go to your dial pad and enter the code *#06#, and a pop-up will appear so you can get this information. You can do the same procedure if you have an ESN number instead of the IMEI, which also applies to the unlock method described above.

How did my Phone end up on the Blacklist?

Keep in mind that if you got the phone from a third party and you are not the original owner of the device, then you might have to unlock it with the help of online tools. However, you might want to contact your carrier to solve that issue and remove the blacklist status if you are not aware of the account status or have pending payments.

Can a Phone that has been Blacklisted still use Wi-Fi?

Can a Phone that has been Blacklisted still use Wi-Fi?
Can a Phone that has been Blacklisted still use Wi-Fi?

Yes, a blacklisted phone can still use Wi-Fi, but it won’t work outside of it or be able to connect to the network of another carrier. In other words, you can still use your Wi-Fi normally, but the moment you step outside your home and try to use your mobile data, it won’t connect, and you won’t have any signal to have internet.

These limitations can also impact the SIM card because it won’t be recognized at all even if is swapped for another one as the plans and services will still be disabled until you try to unlock the device with the carrier or online tools like ESNDoctor. The good thing about our online service is that you can do this process anywhere worldwide and unlock your equipment, as long as you have an internet connection.

Looking for Phone Unlocking Solutions? Try ESNDoctor!

Bring your phone off the blacklist and get this report removed with the assistance of internal servers that can access the report list directly and delete the IMEI number without having to modify it or affect the device itself. Another thing is that our service is free of charge, so there’s no need to pay anything to use our website and blog to learn more about this blacklist report.

Remove any Blacklist Reports Now with ESNDoctor!

Remove any Blacklist Reports Now with ESNDoctor!
Remove any Blacklist Reports Now with ESNDoctor!

Here, It doesn’t matter if you buy a used phone or why the phone has been reported, you can still make use of the best blacklist removal service and clean up all those reports in no time. Clean a phone from the blacklist and use all the features and advantages that the carrier offers without having to worry that it is going to be locked again tomorrow or that the process didn’t work as expected.

If you don’t know why the phone has been blacklisted in the first place, don’t worry; we don’t need to know the reason behind it to clean it for you for free. Despite this, we still recommend checking the status once in a while to avoid problems and to keep your account up-to-date with the payments so the phone won’t be locked again without your knowledge.

Does it work with any Network Carrier?

Yes, it doesn’t really matter where in the world you are or what network you use to surf the internet; we can remove the blacklist report and even give you a hand with the same carrier lock so you can use another SIM card if you want to. There’s no need to get in touch with them and when the process is finished it won’t affect anything related to your account or mobile plans either.

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