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ESNDoctor’s IMEI Blacklist Removal USA service is active 24/7/365 for you to use anywhere at any time to fix your iPhone blacklist report. Get to know the best IMEI blacklist removal USA tool on the internet and learn a little more about this kind of lock in this informative article!

Our IMEI blacklist removal USA software is always available to deal with your IMEI lock so that you don’t have to, keep reading to know more!

Why My IMEI Can Get Blacklisted?

Reasons to get blacklisted
Reasons to get blacklisted

IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) numbers can be blacklisted if the device is reported lost or stolen by its legitimate proprietor, this is a lock activated by carriers that can restrict mobile phones so that it is not possible to use them to get connected to any network until the device’s original owner recovers their device. 

However, stolen or lost reports are not the only reason why a phone can be blacklisted, this IMEI status can also be due to:

  • Unpaid bills that the phone’s proprietor owns to the carrier (Verizon, AT&T, etc.).
  • Non-paid amounts in regards to financed phones (when users didn’t finish paying their phone’s installments).
  • Phones that are associated with any kind of fraudulent or illegal activity.

What do if my Phone got Blacklisted?

If you have a blacklisted phone but the device doesn’t fit in any of the possible circumstances mentioned above, then it might be reported because of one of the two following reasons:

  1. You purchased a second-hand phone and the previous owner reported stolen the phone after selling it to you. You have to be very careful when buying a used phone because the seller can be interested in any insurance money and report the device. If that’s the case, keep reading and find out how to use the IMEI Blacklist Removal USA program.
  2. The blacklist status is manually changed by carrier’s representatives when a device is reported as lost, so you might be dealing with a human mistake. If you are the phone’s original owner, you can ask your mobile operator to run a blacklist check (to see why it was reported) or use the IMEI Blacklist Removal USA program anyways.

How to Check My IMEI Blacklist Status?

Things to know before using the IMEI Blacklist Removal USA program
Things to know before using the IMEI Blacklist Removal USA program

Blacklist checkers are pretty useful online tools that can help you determine whether your phone is reported on the blacklist international database so you need to use the IMEI Blacklist Removal USA program or not. This service is completely free and you can get a full report that includes:

  • If your phone is blacklisted or not.
  • Your phone’s original carrier.
  • Your phone’s warranty status.
  • Your device’s specifications.

All you need to run this IMEI check is precisely the IMEI code of your phone because that is the number to look up (and because that is the number that appears in a blacklist report).

Can all Phones get Blacklisted?

Yes, as all cellular devices have an IMEI number or ESN (Electronic Serial Number) code to be reported on the blacklist database, then there is no exception or any brand exempt from being blacklisted. All Android phones like Samsung and all Apple mobile devices like iPhone can be blacklisted — all phone manufacturers must enable the blacklist lock for carriers to activate it for legal reasons (if not, their merchandise cannot be put on the market) —.

How to Find My IMEI?

As we were mentioning before, if you want to check the status of your device’s IMEI, you need to have the phone IMEI. That’s why we’ll leave here a short list of the principal methods to get your phone’s correct IMEI number:

  • Check on your phone’s SIM card tray, original box, or back cover; the IMEI is usually printed there.
  • Use the blacklisted phone to dial the *#06# code, the IMEI number will appear on your screen.
  • Go to your settings app and look for your device specifications, the IMEI should be there.

Alternative Blacklist Removal Methods

Alternatives to IMEI Blacklist Removal USA program
Alternatives to IMEI Blacklist Removal USA program

One of the most common IMEI blacklist removal methods is changing the IMEI number that was put on the blacklist to a new and clean one. However, we highly discourage you from using this IMEI repair method because just to start, it won’t clean your IMEI, so the report will stay there; keep reading to know more about this method and the reasons why it is not recommendable!

Removing the original IMEI

Neither old nor new phones are meant or designed to support changes in their factory settings, and this IMEI change is a very intrusive procedure where you get to alter the device’s factory data. This means that you can completely damage the device if it happens to not be compatible with the platform that you are using to change the IMEI or if you make any mistakes along the process. 

Changing your IMEI won’t remove the IMEI report!

There is something to keep in mind: even though you are changing the number that your phone’s software registers, the original IMEI still exists and is still reported by the owner of the phone on the blacklist database (to which all carriers have access). This means that this process will only unlock your device temporarily because after a while your carrier will detect the irregularity and lock the new IMEI (and probably ask you to present any proof of ownership).

IMEI Blacklist Removal USA Program FAQs

All you should know about the IMEI Blacklist Removal USA program
All you should know about the IMEI Blacklist Removal USA program

There are some frequent questions that our users ask before getting their phone removed from the blacklist, here you will find the principal ones so that you have a clearer idea of why is our bad IMEI cleaning service the best one you can find.

Is it Possible to Remove the Blacklist Report from any Mobile Device?

Yes, thanks to ESNDoctor’s unlocking tool it is not only possible but easy to remove the blacklist IMEI report of any cellular device regardless of its brand, model, or operating system version. Our platform is compatible with any phone and all you need to do is to enter your phone’s IMEI so that we can remove the blacklisted IMEI number from the database.

How Much does it cost to Unlock a Blacklisted iPhone?

To unlock your phone and get it off the blacklist with ESNDoctor’s unlocking platform is 100% free of charge, this process is automated and we don’t charge you anything for using the software our team developed. In addition, you can unlock as many phones as you want — to do so, you just need to verify your identity for us to confirm you are a real person and not a third party that will resell our unlocking services —.

Is it Complicated to use an iPhone Blacklist Removal Program?

Not at all, ESNDoctor has designed such a user-friendly interface that can be used even if it’s your first time ordering IMEI cleaning services and removing the lock on a phone that has been reported. The whole process is automated, so the program does almost everything and you as the end-user just need to enter the required information and follow the instructions (which are pretty clear).

Is it Illegal to Unlock a Phone Reported as Lost or Stolen?

No, unlocking a reported phone is not illegal in the US as soon as you don’t change the device’s IMEI number. Changing the IMEI of a mobile phone is in fact illegal, but cleaning the existing number assigned by the manufacturer is not. Keep in mind that even though unlocking a stolen phone is not illegal, stealing phones is illegal, so this service is meant to help people that legally acquired their devices.

How to Verify if the IMEI Cleaning Service Worked

The easiest way to confirm if the unlock process was successful or not is to test your phone, you’ll need to enter a SIM card on the device and check if it experiences connectivity issues or something similar. The phone should be able to use mobile data, make and receive calls, and send and receive messages.

Another option that you have to make sure the reported device is now unlocked is to run an IMEI blacklist check, as we explained before, an IMEI checker will help you consult your IMEI status, so if after the process you run the IMEI check and it appears as unlocked, that means that the process was successful.

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