How to get a Clean IMEI or ESN with the Ultimate Web App!

How to get a Clean IMEI or ESN with the Ultimate Web App!

Having a bad ESN or a blacklisted IMEI number shouldn’t be a big problem because there are many online alternatives that can get rid of this for you. Anyway, when it comes to the best unlock service out there, ESNDoctor takes it all and offers the best IMEI repair method that is not only friendly but also free to use. If you want to discover all the advantages that our site has for you, then continue reading, as we will tell you how to get a clean IMEI with the ultimate web app of 2024, ESNDoctor.

What is the Best ESN and IMEI Blacklist Removal Tool?

What is The Best ESN and IMEI Blacklist Removal Tool?
What is The Best ESN and IMEI Blacklist Removal Tool?

That one will be ESNDoctor! We are proud of our IMEI blacklist removal tool service since we can help anyone around the world for free and unlock any bad IMEI or ESN number that has these blacklist restrictions. Additionally, given that everything will be handled by us the best part is that you don’t need to do much and in a couple of minutes you will have an unlocked phone.

Online IMEI services are the most effective way in terms of getting a device removed from the blacklist so why not use the most dynamic and user-friendly? Just don’t forget to check the status of your phone’s IMEI number first to make sure that you really need to use the service and that there is no other type of lock or issue that might be affecting the basic functions of your device.

Why do I need to know my IMEI Status? 

It is mostly necessary to be sure that the phone is indeed blacklisted and also to know what type of report it has, like lost or stolen, fraud, or credit card issues. With the help of the IMEI check service, you can know right away if you really need to unlock your phone and even if it is possible to do it with the carrier taking into account that they cannot delete a report for stolen phones.

What do I need to Unlock My Device with the Carrier?

Every carrier (T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T) can have different requirements, but the most common one will be to be the original owner of the device and that the phone cannot be reported lost or stolen, as we briefly mentioned above, as the purpose of this list is to combat the purchase and sale of these devices. Another important consideration is that staying current with your payments is essential when applying for their cleaning service.

How do I remove my Phone’s IMEI Blacklist Status?

How do I remove my Phone’s IMEI Blacklist Status?

The best way will be to do it with the help of your carrier if you don’t have any issues, as they can unlock the phone for free as well; but the thing is that the process can be a little slow sometimes so it can take some hours or days to fully remove the blacklist status of your IMEI. This is done because they need to validate all the information and make sure that you fulfilled all the requirements to unlock the Android phone or the blacklisted iPhone.

Bad IMEI cleaning services are the second option, but keep in mind that they can be complicated as well or that you will have to pay a one-time fee to use their device unlock app or website. In such instances, if you’re in need of something that can be done quickly, free, and efficiently, then ESNDoctor will cover all of that and will remove the phone from the blacklist without so many issues.

Is the ESN the same as the IMEI Number?

They can be considered similar as both are identification numbers, but they are both different. For example, if ESN is an Electronic Serial Number and IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity, one has between 8 and 11 digits and the other has 15. Another difference between these two is that they are able to connect to different networks, like the CDMA (ESN) and GSM (IMEI) networks.  

Learn how to get a Clean IMEI with ESNDoctor’s Help

Learn how to get a Clean IMEI with ESNDoctor's Help
Learn how to get a Clean IMEI with ESNDoctor’s Help

It’s actually very easy because you don’t need to go anywhere, and you can do it from any device with an internet connection. After you check the IMEI, go to and fill up some basic info; remember this also includes the ESN or IMEI number, then, proceed with the second part of the device unlock process by following the mail and screen instructions to clean this device. 

After that, you will get an access key that will make the activation of your order. In addition, it may or may not be necessary to take off the SIM card of the equipment for some minutes, in the end, you can insert it back and restart the phone, so everything can be saved so don’t worry this procedure will only remove your IMEI from the blacklist database and nothing else.

Do I need a Passcode to unlock my Device?

Is not necessarily a code, given that the access key is only needed to confirm your identity and initiate the order so the server can begin searching for the IMEI and remove your phone from this list without any cost and without stress. In essence, in order to clean a mobile phone,  it is not necessary to have a passcode at all, as you can rely on our internal servers to do all that work for you.  

How to be sure a Phone’s IMEI Number is Clean?

How to be sure a Phone's IMEI Number is Clean?
How to be sure a Phone’s IMEI Number is Clean?

To determine whether your iPhone or Samsung device is fully functional, you can either test the signal by inserting your SIM card and trying to make a call or try to connect to the network outside your house and see if the data plan that you already had is working again. Speaking with your carrier directly is another way and ask for an IMEI status in case you didn’t do the unlock process with them and did it online instead.

Last but not least, you can verify this by using an online checker, as we mentioned before it is not a complicated process that will allow you to determine if the method you used to unlock the device actually worked and if there’s something else to do in terms of IMEI cleaning process. There, you can check the ESN and the IMEI number of any device in minutes, and most of them are totally free to use, so anyone can know why a phone is blocked.

Do I need to Factory Reset my Device to get it Unlocked?

To have a clean ESN or IMEI number with us, it is not necessary to factory reset your device, and even other online methods don’t require this since most of the time it is handled internally or with the help of a small app. In short, you won’t have to stress much about it as you don’t have to delete anything on your device to unlock and make use of it after it is no longer blacklisted.

Can I use this IMEI Unblacklisting Service for Old Phones?

From an iPhone 7 to a Samsung Galaxy S3, if it has an IMEI or ESN number, you can unlock it with our tool, and even if the phone was reported as lost or stolen but you didn’t know, you can still give this blacklisted phone a second chance and use it as it was always intended to be used. ESNDoctor can unlock any device, whether it is a new or old model, without any problem.

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