Get to know the Best Blacklist IMEI Repair Service Right Now

Get to know the Best Blacklist IMEI Repair Service Right Now!

Get to know why ESNDoctor is the best blacklist IMEI repair service on the market right now! We will not only provide you with a good solution to get rid of a blocked IMEI but also explain why this lock can happen and how you can identify it when it happens. So get your blacklisted phone and IMEI number ready, and let’s start this ESNDoctor guide!

Why is using an Online Repair Tool the Best Unlock Option?

Why using an Online Repair Tool is the Best Unlock Option?
Why using an Online Repair Tool is the Best Unlock Option?

Online blacklist IMEI repair tools are more efficient in terms of time and requirements. Because of that, many users prefer using these services, as they are less complicated than trying to unlock them with the carrier. If the device was blacklisted, reported lost, or stolen, it will be almost impossible to unlock it directly with them, in addition to being unable to utilize any other network, whereas, with online tools, it doesn’t matter much what the reason for the report is.

Unlock services like ESNDoctor specialize in this type of lock and are ready to clean any type of report with the help of the Phone’s IMEI number and without having to resort to third-party software or servers. Our unlock app doesn’t require you to install anything, so you can just go to our main page and start the process right away without having to call your carrier or go outside at all.

What is the Meaning of the IMEI Number?

The International Mobile Equipment Identity is the identification number of your mobile device. This number is characterized by having not only information about the equipment but also information about the network (GSM network) to which it is connected and its country of origin. With this number, the carrier can remove or make a report, like a report as lost or stolen, fraud, or payment issues.

What if I have a Bad ESN instead of a Bad IMEI?

Don’t worry about it; we can still clean it for you! We can remove the phone’s bad ESN (Electronic Serial Number) quickly. For us, it doesn’t really matter if you have a bad IMEI or ESN; as long as you need help cleaning the blacklisted device, we will provide you with a definitive solution so you can use or even sell your phone. To make a long story short, you can use ESNDoctor as your bad ESN removal tool at any given time, and it will clean up that blacklist status for you.

Try Now Our Blacklist IMEI Number Repair Service

Try Now Our Blacklist IMEI Number Repair Service
Try Now Our Blacklist IMEI Number Repair Service

Remove the phone from the blacklist without having to change the IMEI number (which is illegal in many countries) with the best online blacklist removal service and get back calls, messages, software updates, and network usage today! The first step is to visit our home page, press the button at the corner, and fill up this info:

  • Full name.
  • Valid email address.
  • Manufacture of your device.
  • Device’s IMEI number.

Please adhere to the on-screen instructions as soon as you enter this information and make use of the unlock code or access key that we are going to provide you via email to remove the phone from this blacklist database. Last, but not least, restart the phone for 2 minutes then you can close the page and start using the phone right away after the IMEI has been cleared.

Does it take too much Time to Unlock an IMEI Online?

No, that’s the best part: our IMEI blacklist repair service can unlock a blacklisted device in less than an hour. Our servers are so efficient that they can track your device and remove it from the blacklist without having to get a new IMEI or having to worry that it is going to be blacklisted by the carrier again (carriers like T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T, for example).

Are IMEI Removal Services Trustworthy?

Are IMEI Removal Services Trustworthy?
Are IMEI Removal Services Trustworthy?

It will depend on the Android or iPhone blacklist removal service in question. Still, if you are talking about ESNDoctor, we can proudly say we are the most trustworthy cleaning service principally because we only require a little information about yourself to unlock a phone. Additionally, we don’t require any type of payment, so there’s no need to get your credit card or anything like that to offer you a good solution and make your phone work again.

Although other services are typically very safe to use, we still advise looking over the website and the procedure first if you see that it is too complicated, asking for personal data, or downloading a program to change your IMEI. That way, you can clean this unique number without compromising the device’s integrity, whether it is a Samsung Galaxy Note or just a Motorola.

Can the Phone be used if it is Blacklisted?

It can still be used, but the network and the SIM card functions, like calls and messages, will be disabled unless you remove the blacklist status of the mobile phone with a bad IMEI repair service like ESNDoctor. Another thing you can do is make use of Wi-Fi calls or apps to either send the messages or try to make calls to avoid these issues, but in terms of the network, the only way to get it back is to clean the IMEI.

Can bad IMEI Cleaning Services Damage my Device?

Can Bad IMEI Cleaning Services Damage My Device?
Can Bad IMEI Cleaning Services Damage My Device?

Unfortunately, it can happen; that’s why we still recommend looking for other alternatives if the site that you are visiting doesn’t look reliable. You can even try to get in contact with the carrier to get the IMEI removed from the blacklist if you don’t feel comfortable using online services. However, just keep in mind that if the equipment was reported stolen or bought the phone from a third party, it will be challenging to unlock the IMEI status but it can still be possible to do it nonetheless.

Nevertheless strongly advise you to utilize the carrier’s unlock services if your new phone’s IMEI is blocked for some other reason. If it doesn’t work, you can just bring your Phone to ESNDoctor, and we will unlock your iPhone, Samsung, or Huawei without affecting anything inside your phone or damaging the IMEI.

Is it the Same Lock for iOS and Android Devices?

Yes, if the phone is reported, it will affect and lock both Android and iOS devices, and the restrictions will be the same no matter the model of the device, but there’s no need to stress much about it. As mentioned above, we can take care of all types of mobile devices and get blacklisted IMEI and ESN numbers out of this reporting database without so much hassle, whether you bought a phone online or directly with the carrier.

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