AT&T IMEI Blacklist Removal Free: How to Unlock a Phone

AT&T IMEI Blacklist Removal Free: How to Unlock a Blacklisted Phone

Although a good solution to unlocking a mobile phone reported on the blacklist could be to do it directly with AT&T USA, this process can be really frustrating and can take a lot of time to be completed. On the other hand, the most efficient and secure online tool for IMEI blacklist removal services will always be ESNDoctor.

Start the process with us today and learn all you need to know about our AT&T IMEI blacklist removal free service. With us, you can rest assured that the AT&T phone is going to be clean and removed from the blacklist in a matter of minutes!

Can AT&T Blacklist My Device Due to Non-Payments?

Can AT&T Blacklist My Device Due to Non-payments?
Can AT&T Blacklist My Device Due to Non-payments?

Yes, they can lock a mobile device due to non-payment. This is a policy used by several service companies to ensure that the contract that has been established with the user is fulfilled. This happens mostly with devices that were financed directly by the company, so basically, the phone’s IMEI may be reported on the blacklist until all overdue payments are completed.

Even if someone buys a used phone and has an active contract with the operator and there is a default in payments, the device is going to have a blacklisted status until you do the removal process or fulfill the contract with AT&T.

Can I Unlock my iOS or Android Device?

If you want to clean a blacklisted iPhone or Android phone for free, use our bad IMEI cleaning service without unlocking codes or having to change the IMEI number. We can assure you that the device will be clean, no matter the model or manufacturer. Unlock a blacklisted iPhone with any iOS version or an Android from any generation with just the AT&T phone’s IMEI number via the internet with the best unlock tool, ESNDoctor.

For How Long Can a Phone Be Blacklisted?

For How Long Can a Phone Be Blacklisted?
For How Long Can a Phone Be Blacklisted?

A blacklisted IMEI or even a bad ESN may be locked indefinitely if no attempt is made to unlock it, so network functions will be unavailable and many other features will be locked or limited in use. Additionally, a phone that has been blacklisted won’t be able to use any other carrier or SIM card anywhere in the world since blacklisted IMEI numbers are shared between all network providers.

This type of situation occurs more in second-hand phones since not being entirely sure of where they come from is the most reported, so they have a lot of time without being fully functional. If you want to make sure that the phone that you have is clean, you can use an IMEI checker or get the phone unlocked right away with ESNDoctor’s free unlock system.

Do I Need to Have Something Else Besides the IMEI Number to Unlock it?

Besides the device’s IMEI and a valid email address, you don’t need anything else to unlock your device. Our blacklist removal process is very simple and without contacting AT&T to clean a phone from the blacklist. Make sure all the information is accurate in order for the procedure to be fast and have no inconveniences so you can make use of your mobile device after that.

How Does ESNDoctor’s IMEI Unlock Service Work?

How Does ESNDoctor's IMEI Unlock Service Work?
How Does ESNDoctor’s IMEI Unlock Service Work?

Our Android and iPhone blacklist removal service works with the help of internal servers that are responsible for finding the device in the blacklist report and removing it. This is done with the help of the IMEI of the mobile device, so you will have to find your IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity) to start the process of unlocking with us.

After entering your name, email address, and manufacturer, follow the steps so you can have your device removed from this blacklist.  To know your IMEI, you can do it by looking at the settings of the phone or dialing *#06# to get it from there; then the last step will be to reset your device and check if the phone is working and is clean from the blacklist database.

Check Out our AT&T IMEI Blacklist Removal Free Service!

To remove your phone from this list and make use of the best blacklist removal service, you don’t have to look any further, as you can do it with ESNDoctor. To unlock the AT&T network and enjoy a phone without any limits remember to make sure the IMEI number is the correct one as it doesn’t matter that the phone was reported as lost or that it is a used device; you can still use our IMEI repair method at any time.

What if AT&T Locks my Phone Again?

What if AT&T Locks my Phone Again?
What if AT&T Locks my Phone Again?

It might happen that the IMEI was locked again or was reported again as stolen or lost, but there’s no need to stress much about it as you can enter the IMEI number of the locked mobile on our page and unlock it, so you can use the phone without limitations. In other words, you can use our unlock service as many times as you need, as we don’t have any use restrictions for cleaning IMEI or ESN.

Get blacklisted devices out of this reporting database without having to be the original owner of the phone. It doesn’t matter that you bought the device from a third-party vendor, if you have the IMEI code, you can remove the blacklist report and even use a different carrier than AT&T if you decide to do so. Check your IMEI number, and if the IMEI is blacklisted now, you know what to do to get it cleared out of this database.

How Much Does It Cost to Unlock a Reported Phone?

It costs nothing! Our IMEI removal service is completely free, there are no hidden charges or one-time payments, and you can unlock any IMEI or ESN number from any phone for free. All of this is thanks to our long partnership with GSMA’s IMEI Database, so we are able to do this process without having to charge our users, so everyone can make use of this service and remove any blacklist report.

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